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Commercial Loan Rates

Ruth asks… Why is my bank raising there loan rates and the Fed is dropping there’s? About 6 months ago I went to my loacl bank about building a home. It would be on a lot next to my business and its zoned commercial so they said it would have to be a commercial loan. [...]

Commercial Loan Officer Salary

Michael asks… Need help quickly please! Salary & benefits vs. self employment.? I’m 45 and have an extensive professional resume & CPA license. I’m currently working as a commercial loan officer for a bank. I like what I do now. I’ve just be offerred an opportunity to join a competing bank as a lender. From [...]

Commercial Loan Calculator

Jenny asks… where can I find a commercial amortization loan Calculator? of $11,000,000 rate of 5.5% amortized for 25 years with fixed principal payments plus interest admin answers: Assuming you have Microsoft Excel on your computer then you can get free amortization tables that others have posted on the download section. Go to [...]