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Joseph asks… aviation, continue or stop. help me? i am attending dowling college and my major is airort manager and minor professional pilot. so the thing is i am paying tution by myself and no loans and tuition is 12k..but to have flight hours is roughly $350 for an hour and a half…and its ceratain [...]

Commercial Loans

John asks… Were can I find a company or mortgage broker that can find or finance small Commercial and Multi Family loans? I am currently in the market to buy a five unit multi-family property listed at $180,000. Because it is considered a commercial property I’m having a hard time finding a lender that does [...]

Commercial Loan Interest Rates

Maria asks… Who needs a Guaranteed Loan Offer at a Low Interest Rate? I am Mr.Harrison A. Walker a private lender. I give out both private and commercial loans to both individuals and corporate business organisations at a low interest rate.Under my loan process, repayment can be made either monthly or yearly. I give out [...]