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Mark asks…

Used car dealer will not refund money after returning car. Is this legal?

I wanted to purchase a used 2004 Grand Prix GTP from a used car dealer with the settlement I received from my car accident in Feb. I went to see the car and saw it had dents in the rear right quarter panel. I didn’t like this, so I left. The dealer called me and I told them I wasn’t interested and why. I was told not to worry and that the car would be fixed. I test drove it and it ran okay but I noticed the sunroof was beginning to malfunction as it would not open and close properly, and there was the smell of burning oil. I thought it could possibly be a gasket going bad. I signed all the buyers forms saying the car is as is and the dealer wasn’t responsible for any repairs on 24th of September. I also paid $1000 down. I had a rental and was told the vehicle would be out of the body shop the following day and the sunroof fixed. I returned my rental and went to pick car up after work and it was not done. I was given 2 Saturn Ions that had broken ignition switches as loaners. I was told again to come back Monday. I did not receive the car until Sept 30 as everyday I went the car was not done or the paint was rough, did not match, and done poorly. At that point I threatened to return loaner and ask for a refund because I had driven 2 hrs and been inconvenienced 5 times. So Thursday I drove the car home for the first time and was appalled. The headlights shook, the traction control had to be pressed repeatedly to turn traction control on or off, and cruise control would set then turn off. So returned the car Friday and complained of these issues and a broken panel inside the wheel well that rubbed against the wheel. Mechanic drove car and thought I was lieing and tried to argue with me about how the cruise control should work. I told owner I did not want the car. He told me he would take it back but not refund me any money. He told me I could sue him but wouldn’t win. So discouraged I went to talk with bank and sign loan. I wasn’t able to close loan and owner threatened me by saying if loan is not closed that day, to leave is car and key there. Anyway he allowed me to keep the car. Over the weekend I had issues starting and stopping the car. The abs and service traction control lights came on and I noticed a small leak of engine coolant underneath the car. I returned it Monday and he said he will credit my $1000 on another vehicle but not refund it. He believed I took revenge on his car and I did no such thing. He says car is like new and there is nothing wrong with it. I test drove a 06 Zephyr and during test drive I lost power steering and the check charging system message came on. Also the driver’s interior door handle is broken. I returned the car and told the sales person and he said okay, they’ll fix it. Later the mechanic falsely accused me of breaking the belt by saying I have bad luck and to not allow me to test frive anymore cars. I told owner I did not want to take him to court and he said I could take him to Washington D.C., but I would lose. I do not have a car or my down payment and I am afraid to buy anything from him. Do I have a leg to stand on and can I sue him for my down payment as he kept the car? I never signed contract with bank, just the dealer. I am very stressed as I’ve had to wait 7 months to receive my settlement and this monster took my money. I have heard of previous complaints and him being sued before but this is not admissible in court. Thank you to anyone who can help me. I have already contacted the news and Better Business Bureau about this matter.
#MHW Yes he did fix the sunroof and painted it 5 times as he tried to scam me. I was never happy with vehicle to begin with as he told me car was like new. He voided contract when he took the vehicle back to repair it. He’s suppose to honor a 30 day warranty. Telling me to bring the car back. I live an hour away and I told him I do not want a car with problems. That’s why he has been sued before and lost so do not call me names! For you do not know anything. For you to call me the idiot is very rude. In today’s time $1000 may be easy for you to come by but to others it isn’t. Please, get a clue before you try to insult or offend someone!

admin answers:

Sue him. But he knows your chances of winning are small, and he wins by time.

Linda asks…

I can’t stop blaming my dad..?

I know its long but please, I need advice

Well I’m a teenager, i have a sister who’s 18, and a baby sister. My mom is a stay at home mom, and my dad works Mon-Fri from 12 P.M to 4 A.M, so that makes it 16 hours. We have an income of about 3000 a month, we’re always arguing about money, we live in a small apartment, its been like this for ten years, I’m so sick of it.
Well we were once the wealthiest of the wealthy, my father and his brothers owned about four Dunkin Donuts stores, he married my mother at a young age.. 18, promising her that she will resume her education after the marriage, but of course he lied. Well up until i was about four we were living in a beautiful rental apartment in a highrise building in NYC.
All that time my dad was a heavy spender, he would spend on luxury furniture, designer clothing, everything, but he would never save up money to buy a house, hell he didn’t need to save up, all he needed to do was go to the bank for a loan, but he didn’t because all his life he made bad decisions and he never thought of his family’s future.
Well the day came when it all ended. my uncle began arguing with the Dunkin Donuts Company and so we had to sell the stores, well of course the four stores made about 1.2 million dollars. My Dad has four brothers, so they were supposed to divide equally, so what happened was the my uncles divided the money evenly and left my dad with nothing, and he said nothing about it, and barely asked for his share even though he’s the one that worked hardest in the business. (The four stores were under my grandfathers name),
Each one of my uncles lives in a huge beautiful house now and we’re stuck in a small apartment. My mother couldn’t resume her education because of my father, therefore we’re on one income, my dad has a bachelors degree in business, but he couldn’t work in it because he has no experience, and he’s now stuck working as a pharmacy technician, with about 3000 a month as I said, with no hope of ever buying a house.
Everty time I look at him I blame him for what he did, and what he didn’t do (ask for his share and fight for it, and go and buy a house while all the money was pouring in, the heavy spending and the lack of saving)
And now I’m stuck in a small apartment two siblings and two parents, cramped and small, I never lived a life where i could be proud of my own house and play in the backyard and invite friends over. All because of him, all my other friends have a house, a feeling of safety of stability, not the feeling of the landlord can kick you out any second.
What would you do in my situation? How would you feel? Please no mean answers, put yourself in my situation, we didn’t start out like this, but my dad’s poor decisions got us here, my die a million times when I see my cousins living in OUR money and my dad acts like nothing ever happened even thou they robbed him, and ruined his credit

admin answers:

Man, sometimes I feel like my life is bad with a mother who hates me. Idk what’s worse??? Well if I were in your situation I would just stick with him and appreciate what he’s trying to do for you. I mean if that’s the best he can do than that’s good enough. Sure he made a few mistakes, but now he’s saving up. (Everyone makes mistakes) This is what I would do:

I would stay at the apartment, try to get a job to help out my dad and bring some more money in. (Even if it’s just for yourself) Then, after my teenage years and high school years I would try to go to a college. Even if it’s just a cheap college. Education is key. Go get a better job and make money and save up. Try to learn from your father’s mistakes. Don’t do the same things that he did. Do it right. Live your life differently.

Please take this advice. Don’t do anything that will get you in trouble. Get good grades and then some. Stay on the right path.

By the way I’m 16.

Sandy asks…

Looking for financial help?

I am married and have 2 little girls (6 and 3 years old). My wife works part time and I just took an all commission job in the mortgage business as that all I can find in Michigan (plus I have 15 years experience in mortgage lending). Recent relocation from FL to Michigan. Trying to get back on our feet and living with in laws, as we really have no income, We have 1 car as we sold other vehicle to get money to survive. Looking for any help at all, I personally need car, and money to get a small place of our own. In laws are great but too many people in one small home, especially with little kids and their ‘stuff’. Straight up financial help would be a blessing or even a long term loan. Looking to try and get $5000-$10,000 funding for car, apartment and school tuition. Can document any and all of the above, and open to terms if required. Both of our credit is bad due to foreclosure of home in florida. Please help if you can. Thank you.

admin answers:

Contact your salvation army or united way to see if they can help.

Don’t try to make any loans online – you will get scammed.
Don’t say yes to any mailings or any phone calls you may get.
Scams targetted towards people like you are abundant.
Keep your eyes open ….

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