Small Business Loans With Bad Credit

George asks…

How can I move to Colorado?

I’m 22 years old and I do not have a very high paid job. Make probably about 350 a week and that is only enough to pay all my bills and take care of my finances. I have a 2000 dollar loan out on my truck that i’m making payments on and I have no credit. Never owned a credit card or taken any bank loans or anything. The good thing is, I dont have bad credit, and I dont owe a lot of people money. Just my truck loan. Everything else is just utilities and living expenses.
I hate living here. There is nothing here for me, the weather sucks, the environment sucks, I want to move to a beautiful state and feel better about my life and myself! I actually have a business opportunity waiting for me in Colarado where a good friend of mine will be moving soon. I will be able to work with him and his company, which is a small toy company that he just started and opened up. So I will need to find a fulltime job as well as a place to stay.
But I dont know where to start… I have no money and honestly saving money would take years with my income. What are my options?

admin answers:

Apply for jobs in the area you’ll be moving to. Once you get one then i would move down there

David asks…

Am I hopeless or is there another way out of this….?

Hello All!

Im just looking for a little guidance as i’ve come to two places in my life this past week and they have me in a mindframe I really dont think I should be in.

Those two places are this: Depression and Reality.

I just moved back to Colorado from Miami with my girlfriend of 3 years, we broke up because I insisted upon it, reason being, for the three years we were together, she brought in the money, I was more or less jobless. Meaning she did everything financially and I was just along for the ride (yes I know how bad it is, believe me). We got back to Colorado and after talking to a very kind friend of mine, we both agreed I should let her go as Im only bringing her down when she could be prospering so much more. It was the right thing to do though I loved her immensely. (im 28, not a child, so no assumptions this was puppy love or anything).

Now this week, Ive come to realize the job I have is absolutely a dead end as Ive only made $450.00 in two months from it ( auctioning business) and im beginning to wonder if I am hopeless.

I do not have a college education, however I am intelligent. I feel as if this past 28 years of my life has been me struggling to just get by. Im lost.

The emotions this past week have been building, I dont really have any family I can talk to and definetly cannot get help from as they are all struggling with their own problems. The thoughts Im having are absolutely horrible and I feel as if there just is no hope whatsoever for me at this point. I have been trying to find a different job other than the one I have but with my work record, background from when I was younger and lack of a vehicle are making things almost unbearable.

To clarify since this entire question has been a small life story, What can I do to change my life around so that Im heading in a positive direction? My credit is shot so getting school loans isnt an option. I want to be successful, I want to be able to contribute to my next relationship so that I dont end up in this same situation, feeling like a worthless bum who has nothing to offer.

Any suggestion are more than welcome!
Accidentally posted in the wrong thread before, sorry!
Also, for anyone saying I should go into the military, its not an option, I tried, passed the asvab(sp?) but my background wouldnt allow me. I had a felony charge that was deferred to a misdemeanor when I was a lot younger. Stupid teenage mistake!

admin answers:

Your financial problems can be fixed, and your depression healed. All you have to do is ask.
Jesus is waiting to save you from this mess, i promise this to you, He is waiting to fill this emptiness, he is waiting to save you finaincally, all you have to do is ask Him.

You are loved, your not worthless.

I am now fully cured from my depression and the only way that i am alive today is through our God. I gave my life to Jesus and am walking life with Him. This was the best decision i ever made. I now wake up every morning feeling loved, like i have a purpose in life and i am more happy then i ever was. Life makes Sense now.

Go somewhere quite, and just ask Him to enter your life, and to be filled with his holy sprirt. Tell Him that you want to change your life, and ask for forgivness.

It’s good to start going to church and meet other people who know Jesus.
Reading a bible is the best way to get to know Him. You can read the bible online if you want to.
Remember that you are not worthless, you are loved by someone so amazing. This will be the best desicion you will ever make i promise you.
God bless.

Love you man.

Feel free to talk.

Laura asks…

How can I get a loan?

Okay, I’m 18, and I need money for my first home loan. I’m getting a very small, cheap place, like $25,000. Possibly just acreage, but maybe with a small house. I’ve looked at several. Anyway, I am self-employed, and my business (pet-sitting/house-sitting) is successful but I have been in college until three weeks ago and just came home. I had this business before when I was in high school, and just picked up where I left off when I came home. But I don’t have any payment records or tax forms, nothing to show I make anything. And I don’t make enough right now to be considered a full-time job. I’m getting ready to get a full-time job soon, so I will be able to pay it back. But my word means little to the bank I’m afraid. Anyway, I badly need to get this loan, and I’m just stumped as to how to go about it since I was in college last fall and have no pay records. This is kind of urgent. Please help! My parents work, but they have bad credit. They would cosign, but that probably won’t help much.
I forgot to mention I have absolutely no credit history. I have never taken a loan out and never had a credit card. I have done everything cash in my life so far….maybe a bad thing?

admin answers:

Dont listen to Sam P…that my dear is a scam.

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