Small Business Loans With Bad Credit

Richard asks…

$10,000 for a Co-signer, any takers?

Hi my name is Troy my brother and I plan to go to college together with our schools tuition partnership program, neither of us qualify for a student loan because of bad credit choices made in the past. We are both determined to be successful and are on the road to success with this exciting education were seeking. We are looking for a serious person to give $10,000 to, (yes you read correctly) $10,000 for being a qualified co-signer for us.

Here’s a small sample of our Business Plan & Exit Stratigy:

1. 2-4 year Student Loan with, full deferment to keep credit safe.

2. Attend college: Become Real estate Investors.

3. Immediate access to deals with our Investing Community.
————-(Average Real estate deal $35,000!)—————-

4. Loan Payoff Plan: (6 Months -1year) at most.

This virtually eliminates the risk factor with our 2-4 year student loan deferment plan.

Thanks for your Consideration,
God Bless

admin answers:

Are you seriously looking for a co-signor on yahoo answers?

Maria asks…

My loan request was denied. Would they reconsider if I wrote them a letter?

Ive always wanted to own my business more than anything. I saved up exactly 5000 to startup. Didnt apply for a loan because my credit was bad from a past relationship, so instead I saved. Unfortunately, in November there was a family emergency. I gave up all that money. Then in december i applied for a loan and was denied due to credit. It would take me a very long time to save again and Im desperate to start.

I applied for a microloan of 5000 with a small organization. I already opened a business bank account and filed all the necessary paperwork to start a business. Even if they denied me already, would they reconsider if I wrote them a letter asking for consideration? AND NO I wont include a sob story. Strictly business.

admin answers:

No one loans start up or good will capital it is against the law. Hopefully your family appreciates the sacrifice but yours would be the first I have seen if it does

Nancy asks…

Can you help me find a better way to get ahead instead of cleaning toilets?

I have some business classes and some Bach. of arts classes… I owe $25,000 in student loans… my credit rating is very bad I’m on permanent disability for something that happened when I burnt out. I need $400 a month for pills (which are currently free until I get a full time job) and I get $1188 a month for disability payments. my rent varies from $350 – $650 for half a one bedroom apartment with my mother and I don’t spend much money on anything else other than food or books, yet I don’t seem to be saving much money because of demands on my family weddings funerals my moms and my health needs, . I failed out of university 10 years ago in my second year of a Psychology/Philosophy double major… my high school marks average 61% in English 30 Social 30, Math 30, Science 30 and Biology 30 and I got into a university on a student loan. Maybe I should write a book… or just give up and sleep until the economy improves? I was told to pick an alternate career to Psychology before I can be helped by any government agency’s to get off disability. I am overweight and I sleep when I’m not needed for housework or am not eating.
I asked my worker for help and I’m told to accept my illness and just go for walks and network with the people I meet… I live in a small tourist town in Alberta and Have only one family member who I feel safe being around.
I would love to get a better education and to get that “slip of paper” that says I can work a better job.
I’ve been fighting my diagnosis ever since I received it 5 years ago.
I would like to find a way of unscrewing up my life… I think I can do much better, but I don’t know where to start. Can anyone help me? or at least cheer me up and tell me how Its going to be O.K. ?
Thank you
thanks for the awesome answers… I’ve decided to take a “University Certificate in Career Development” in Athabasca University I already have half the courses transferable for the certificate… all I need is work experience in the Career Development field… I’ll ask my Career Counselor for help in that area… any clues how to word it would help…

admin answers:

See if you can get low rent housing that would help a lot. If you like to write maybe you SHOULD write a book. JK Rowling was on welfare and almost penniless when she wrote Harry Potter. You can go back to school with grants it sounds like you would get the maximum amount of grants. Finish your degree at a cheap university near where you live.

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