Small Business Loans With Bad Credit

Joseph asks…

Opening a business!?

I have no money and I need to get out of debt. At this moment my credit is very bad.
I have wanted to open a café (small restaurant) because it has been my dream, and also because I think that could help my financial situation.
Is there a way that I can get a loan with no money (collateral) and a very bad credit?

admin answers:

Short Answer is no. Get a job in a cafe that will give you a chance to learn all aspects of the business. Save, save, save. Get out of debt. Begin to save your ideas on paper. Cut out pictures and make a file. Begin to work on a Business Plan. Give yourself at least a year to get in a position to do this.

Carol asks…

US Senate now putting lipstick on Bush/Paulson’s $700billion Wall Street/NYC taxpayer bailout/hand-out?

The US Senate is trying to steam-roll the American public by disguising the Bush/Paulson $700billion Wall Street/NYC payout/bail-out/hand-out by tacking on non-related items – which the inept Henry Reed led Senate should pass independently and separately of the proposed predatory lenders’ hand-out of tax-payer money.

The heroes of the middle-class and American worker are those in the US House of Representatives who stood against bludgeoning their constituents and all of working-class America yesterday by voting against the $700billion Bush/Paulson fraud.

Such House Representative’s as (TN) Thompson, (TX) Hensarling, (NJ) Garrett and (OR) DiFazio and (TX) Doggett (just naming a few) put American families first, not predatory lenders’ lobbyists in Washington by voting against the tproposed tax-payer bailout of Wall Street/NYC millionaires and billionaires. (Yes, Ohio and California as well as Georgia are to be recocgnized as well).

These Representatives realize that the US government already has the tools needed to ensure that the American financial system does not freeze up as threatened by Bush/Paulson and their proposed $700billion swan-song. The FDIC, Small Business Administration and Federal Reserve – can ensure money is available to US business and institutions.

Such is the degree of corruption in the US Senate that it is staggering and anyone backing the Paulson fraud IS NOT admitting the severe damage such unprecedented addition to the US deficit will do to American families… all because Henry Paulson wants to reward predatory lenders and their greed by giving them tax-payer money, supposedly “buying up” caustic credit card debt, caustic mortgage debt – even caustic auto loan debt without addressing the problem which is the root cause of all this – predatory lending.

Sure, Wall Street was encouraged by both Senate leaders and Pelosi along with Barney Frank to signal that the fraud should have passed. And yes, the corrupt on Wall Street tried to stagger the market yesterday, but they failed. Wall Street crooks only undercut themselves the now high-lighted 777 points or in essence less than 7%, which is not such a huge drop in a market that has seen volatility as the gluttonous greed of the predatory lenders has been showing signs of its own finality.
Sure the predatory lenders got themselves in this mess and everyone is hurting from their abuse of the system, but Wall Street, not the US taxpayer is better positioned to directly deal with the repercussions caused by their greed and bad decisions.
Wall Street, not the US taxpayer, should be forced to deal with their caustic debt and almost worthless “paper” – by incurring a fee on every single transaction of the stock exchange, both NYNEX and NASDAQ.
Such a fee will no doubt build into the resource for which Wall Street can bail out themselves, not the US taxpayer.
The American working class does not need to short-change its children at the dinner table, taking away a meal to make ends meet just to shore-up the accounts of millionaires and billionaires of Wall Street/NYC and its fat-cat bankers, brokers and lobbyists.

That ugly quote about lipstick on a pig comes to mind as the US Senate has failed America.

Congressional leaders have embraced predatory lenders and their greed with this $700billion bailout/handout at the expense of the middle class/average American tax-payer.
What Washington has not told you is that printing an extra $700billion is going to greatly increase inflation, further devaluing home property values, spiking fuel prices and increasing cost of food and every other daily expenditure of the American worker.
In no way does the “revamped” bailout package address the root cause of the current “credit” issues suffered upon the American worker by Wall Street/fat-cat bankers’ greed, nor does the $700billion bailout/handout to Wall Street/NYC greed offer sufficient or immediate help in stabilizing the housing market.
Americans can look to further devaluations of their homes, savings and any earnings for at least the next two years because of the Washington stiff-arming this $700billion bailout/handout to the financial industry at tax-payer expense.
Washington is not telling you the truth about the negative repercussions of such extravagant handouts to the rich at the expense of the US common man, ma, pa, bro and sis on Main Street.
IF your Congressional leaders vote for adopting the $700billion Wall Street bailout, either they have not been given the full picture, or they are in the pockets of the financial industry lobbyists taking what middle class Americans have earned away from them.
The bailout continues to be a fraud perpetrated on the US taxpayer. Wall Street executives will continue to take their undeserved exorbitant salary for creating such a debacle. “Parachute” packages are not the only CEO/executive expense that the tax payer is expected to pay.
The /US economy has proven its resiliency aq

admin answers:

Obama is on right now saying that this bail out most likely won’t solve the problem and that there will be more problems, but we need to pass it. I can guarantee that anyone that votes for this will not get my vote. Not one person!

George asks…

Need help on getting a home or maybe apartment… anything?

My family and I are going through really hard times. My mother was very close to owning the last house we lived in and only had about 5,000 left to pay on it but wells fargo claimed she was late on a payment. When she wasn’t, she was actually ahead by one. So since we are in an on going battle with them in the court house we have been evicted and the house its self is not even able to be lived in anyways since they did things like pull out the carpet when they weren’t supposed to until the court decided to make its decision and also destroyed the gazebo. We weren’t able to catch them pulling carpet and such until it was too late because we have been staying up at my grand pas house taking care of him for i want to say two years, because he was suffering from Alzheimer’s ((houses are close by not even like for to five blocks away)) Well recently he had taken a fall while we were walking outside he had hit his head and we feared the worse… not a good day at all. But now we have him being taken care of at a assistant nursing facility. (( good news he is doing very well now )) after having to move him from several because they weren’t taking very good care of him and he had an accident at one of them. But now he is at a very good facility it’s a little out of the way and cost a little more but honestly we were more concerned about his health. Well his health insurance ran out. Going to seek for help we haven’t ben able to find any and now they want his home for payment. So as of December 15th we are really going to be out on the streets. I don’t know what to do, I am a college student, I have a little brother who is 11 and diagnosed with leukemia and my mother who although runs a small Business is falling under. Not only that but guess working for hollywood video wasn’t a smart move because they closed the store i was working at for about 2 years, and they just closed the store randomly in late October and they literally gave us a one day notice. Now Ive been working for my mom for the time being trying to help her out at least and gather the little money we can. But with my credit score being low 554 I have no idea how to raise it let alone raise it in time to get a loan or something just so we can find a place to live. I really don’t know what to do at this point. Ive tried applying online for home loans but keep getting denied. Is there any place out there willing to look passed that even if the interest rate will be high? I’d still be willing.

((sorry if story is a little jumbled or if you’d like me to go into detail on more of one subject id be glad to just trying to give a rough draft of what exactly we are going through of coarse there is more problems we are suffering from but i believe the important details made its way out there)) just desperately seeking help. I have no idea what to do. Let alone think straight or keep myself from falling from all the stress so sorry if I’m not a little all there.

admin answers:

Wow..a regular soap opera.

Time to get a job it sounds like. You are old enough to be out on your own, and your mom will have to find a small apartment for now. It seems like she would have some money saved with no mortgage payment for the past 2 years.

I don’t know, but it sounds pretty bad. Where are you from? Email me and maybe I’ll send you a nice big check. Are you cute?

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