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Steven asks…

How to prove innocent of forgery?

I was office manager for small business for 18 months. Me and owner were having an affair and when things went south threats were made and I am now being accused of forgery. I was authorized by him to sign his name to checks. EVERY check that went out of that office was signed by myself not him. To vendors, bank loans, payroll everything. I at the end of the month would do reconciliation and pay back shareholder (him) and myself for expenses accrued throughout month for things such as office supplies, postage, permits for building inspectors etc all purchased by me through my credit card or with cash. OR the checks were to pay me the rest of my pay every week which was half legit for audit purposes and half cash as he wanted to limit his payroll tax payments as much as possible. We went over bank statements every week and he was well aware of the checks I wrote to myself. He never added me as a signer or gave me power of attorney. I just signed. He is now saying all checks to myself are forgeries however other ones to vendors etc are legit. How can those checks to myself be forgeries yet rest is legit? Technically then every check I ever signed is forged. This man is in deep financial trouble and was using the “get you before you get me” mentality. Now he waits until a month after to file a report and an affidavit of forgery. I have SEVERAL witnesses that can attest to the fact that I had verbal authorization including the CPA and other technicians that worked there. I have some reciepts for office supplies and the building inspectors can say I paid for the permits. Also other employees were getting cash compensation as well in forms of checks. I need to know how bad this may be for me. My bank is refusing to reimburse his bank and saying they dont believe his story as plausible. Not sure about his bank yet. However do i have recourse for him lying and possibly costing me monies with my other bank where they are holding me accountable for a $300 check as “forgery/breech of warranty” I did nothing wrong other then my job and trust him. How far criminally is this likely to go?

admin answers:

Get a lawyer. Be truthful. Be patient. Get sworn statements from people who are aware of the situation you let yourself get into.

Remember, you can survive the truth, but if you lie you die.

Charles asks…

Isn’t it great that America is bailing out these failing “evil” banks?

Trillions of taxpayer dollars thrown at these Wall Street banks and their executives. These banks totally mismanaged their finances, deceived their customers with flawed mortgages such as ARMs and interest-only loans and raped people with excessive banking and credit card fees. No accountability of where our money goes. Yet we continue to throw good money after bad with another $750 billion in TARP funds. This is so much money that every loan and mortgage in the U.S.A. could have been paid off. All we get are falling stock markets and ever rising bank fees.

Are we paying the price of socialism without the benefits of socialism by bailing out some failing private institutions (banks) while letting many others die (stores, small businesses etc)?

admin answers:

You must realize the TARP is ‘payback’ for the big donations by banks and unions.

Emanuel Was Director Of Freddie Mac During Scandal

Those in power don’t care about the little guy – they are the super rich elitists:
Obama inauguration sets new record for private jets

Mary asks…

Would this be a really stupid idea, or could it work, I need serious advice?

My boyfriend and I looking to start a small business; a coffee shop. Since we don’t own a house and he has bad credit, we can’t qualify for a loan, but his buddy from school happens to have a family member that can look into getting a us a business grant to get it launched. We also want to “go green” with it, that is energy efficient. When I told my mom about this, she kept questioning me and didn’t understand why we wanted to do a coffee shop, since I’m going back to school to learn web programming and development and also have a seasonal part time job–it’s almost like our business idea was shot down! It’s because my boyfriend and I are both struggling in this sh*tty economy, so we thought it would work out better in the long run if we are self employed. Now I’m not stupid, I know that this is a lot of work and it will take time. Will it be hard for us to get a business grant? I heard that the process can be frustrating? Any advice?
Please don’t spam with online money making ideas or I will report you, thanks.

admin answers:

If you can get a business grant, that would be a great and impressive opportunity. Now its time to start putting your busines plan together and research you target customer and research your market in your area

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