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George asks…

I have a ton of credit card debt due to divorce, unemployed;credit in toilet; need to file bankruptcy but…?

I have a ton of credit card debt due to divorce, unemployed;credit in toilet; need to file bankruptcy but…I dont even have the money to do that; I have a 2004 cherokee and dont owe anything on it and would take a loan on it to pay bills and get the money to file bankruptcy but dont know if I am allowed to do that; i am unemployed right now; last year i made nothing basically; have no idea how i have even made it; stopped using credit cards nine months ago; what can i do; the grand cherokee is worth like 7 to 8k it only has 55k miles on it; i just dont know what to do; i want to just get my bankrputcy out of the way; a year ago my life was perfect now its in the toilet; barely even getting by; on food stamps; severely depressed; my precription is like 200 dollars a month and now i cant even pay that; i am 36 and make no money and have not for a long time; have no idea if there is anything out there that will help me; i put in applications and resumes in all day long; its so frustrating; now without my script i will be even more depressed and things will only get worse; i wish there was some short term presription help; my doctor charges 50 dollars a visit and i am down one payment with him; if anyone knows about bankrputy or what i can do; i dont want to get one of those 1 month loans and pay 300 screw that; i cant lose my car; plus i dont even know if you can do that when you are about to file bankrputcy i just dont know what to do anymore anyone with advice and not some stupid spam also i have a mortgage on a small condo and am not behind yet because i have a roommate; last year my brother killed himself; my best friend died a month after that and my wife cheated on me and got pregnant and i got divorced; its like can anything good happen; i have never collected any unemployment because i started my own business so i was self employed; i just dont know
i looked into gettng low income but unless your house is in foreclosure or your car is in foreclosure than they wont help you no matter how low your income is; your house or car has to be in foreclosure or about to get your car reposessed for legal aid to do it and i would have no idea on how to file bankrpuctcy; i have no idea

admin answers:

You have two problems…a debt problem and an income problem. The problem with Bankruptcy is that it only fixes one of your two problems. And even though it would fix your debt problem, it would only be temporary. If you have no income, you’lll be in debt again very soon.

My suggestion….fix your income problem first. Then and only then should you declare bankruptcy. What good does clearing your debt do if it’s just going to add up again?

I wish the best for you!!!

Hi….another thing to think about…..If you’re willing to give up on that condo you live in (and in you’re situation, I would…as tough as it is), you could pay your Bankruptcy lawyer the money you’d normally pay your mortgage company. In fact, you could have 5-6 months of free living in your place before they foreclose. If you’re going Chapter 7, you might as well go all the way! In the time it would take your mortgage company to foreclose, you could pay your BK attorney plus have enough saved for a deposit on an apartment.

Another thing as far as BK attorneys go….they vary in price quite a bit. Call around and get quotes. When I declared BK in 98, i was quoted between $1,000 and $1,500. Then after calling around to numerous attorneys, I found one that would do it for $500. Best of all, he only wanted $250 down. If you live in a small town, but there is a big city in your jurisdiction, I recommend calling some big city attorneys. They have more competition, and therefore have to keep their prices more competitive.

I’ve been where you are in many ways. Hang in, stay positive, and most of all….make good decisions from now on.

Robert asks…

How can I move out with little money, little income, but staying here is emotionally abusive?

This is long. I apologize. I just need to vent… and ask for advice. Because I feel like I’m at the end of my rope.

I graduated college in 2007. I actually worked my ass off. I got internships, etc. Since then, I’ve been looking for a good job. I have had… NO luck. A lot of times, I worked 2 jobs, 12 hours a day, 6 days a week, for crap money.

A year ago, I had to move back home to my family’s house. I was living in Baltimore and it was WAY too expensive for what I was getting in income. I did the best I could… cut everything. No cable, spending, eatting noodles every night, etc.

I’m appreciative I have a place to stay. But now it is getting worse and worse.

Currently I’m living in the basement, not even in a room or my old bed (my full bed was ‘given’ to my sister and they gave me a crappy twin bed… old enough that I WAKE up with back pain constantly and cant stand up straight. I’m only 26). I have no hot water (the facet is broken and they wont fix it). The rug STINKS because of a flood that happened down there a few months ago and I cant get it out because I was trying for two weeks.

I have been looking for a good job the entire time I’ve been home. I cant get anything, including a stupid receptionist job. The only work I could find was part-time. I only get, on a good month, 500. I pay 100 in ‘rent’. I have two cats so that requires money for food and litter. I pay for gas, food, etc. And the rest of that money goes to credit debt (dont give me shit please… I worked for a company that stole a month of my income and then ran, so I had to charge.. everything. rent included for a few months.) and my student loans. I haven’t been ‘shopping’ in years. I am wearing pants right now that are two sizes too big because I lost weight and can’t spend money to buy a new pair. I also superglue my shoes to keep them wearable… realize this is a big thing for me. I come from an uppermiddle class family and have a solid education and good work background until I was screwed over.

Living here is emotionally abusive. Any time there is a disagreement, I am told they wish I never came home and to leave. Last year I was kicked out of the house for a night because I found two starving kittens and took them in with the intention of healing them and finding them a home. I am constantly ‘reminded’ I’m not paying more for rent.

It got so bad that I finally, hesitantly, after a year, went to get foodstamps. I got them. So now at least I could buy my own food, since before I was doing it anyway, but had to eat small amounts cuz I didnt have much money (hence I lost weight).

Today, my dad informs me that not only does he expect me to pay an extra 150 for oil to heat the house, but that the food I buy, with my foodstamps, can, will, and is eatten by him and whoever is in the house.

A bit of a background: My mom has a spending problem. There is something new in the house EVERY week so its not like they are hurting on money. Or.. they are swimming in debt, in other words. My older brother is a failure. In the past 10 years, he kept screwing up and coming home. My parents BAILED him out of 30,000 dollars of debt (he STILL ‘requires’ brand name shit, so he doesnt learn anything). Finally, after two failed engagement rings, he married someone. My parents bought him a house where he pays a ridiculously low amount of rent. My parents continued to give him money. No jobs around here? No problem. my dad (owns his own small business) gave him a very good paying job. And a car. Brother now has 3 kids in less than 3 years, and my mom buys him everything for them (he’s obviously taking advantage of the situation). So no… my parents aren’t ‘poor’ or ‘bad off’ and in need of my cash. I cant help that my mom spends like crazy. I love the kids and am constantly watching and babysitting, free of charge… because if I dont my mom has too and she gives ME hell. 2 other sisters are living in the house, free of charge.

I’m the oldest girl. Out of all the children I’m the most responsible. My two other sisters never even left home yet and my brother is a failure. So its not like I’m trying to mooch or just am lazy and they dont like it. I’m also working hard gardening food for the FAMILY to eat this summer. (veggies, etc).

Its very emotionally abusive here. To the point that I would rather die than live the rest of my life with no money. No money means no freedom for me, and I cant do it. The only thing that keeps me going are my 2 cats I rescued 2 years ago in Baltimore. Love them!

I need to get out. The longer I stay here, the more depressed I get. The more confidence I loose. I feel like a little girl again than a professional woman I know I am.

I only get 500 a month. I cant find another job… (i look constantly). But i need to get out… arent there programs? Or.. isnt there S

admin answers:

Contact your food stamps case worker. I am sure there are subsidized housing options in your area. They will also be able to assist you in finding a better job.

John asks…

Facing serious charges how do I prove I am innocent?

I was office manager for small business for 18 months. Me and owner were having an affair and when things went south threats were made and I am now being accused of forgery. I was authorized by him to sign his name to checks. EVERY check that went out of that office was signed by myself not him. To vendors, bank loans, payroll everything. I at the end of the month would do reconciliation and pay back shareholder (him) and myself for expenses accrued throughout month for things such as office supplies, postage, permits for building inspectors etc all purchased by me through my credit card or with cash. OR the checks were to pay me the rest of my pay every week which was half legit for audit purposes and half cash as he wanted to limit his payroll tax payments as much as possible. We went over bank statements every week and he was well aware of the checks I wrote to myself. He never added me as a signer or gave me power of attorney. I just signed. He is now saying all checks to myself are forgeries however other ones to vendors etc are legit. How can those checks to myself be forgeries yet rest is legit? Technically then every check I ever signed is forged. This man is in deep financial trouble and was using the “get you before you get me” mentality. Now he waits until a month after to file a report and an affidavit of forgery. I have SEVERAL witnesses that can attest to the fact that I had verbal authorization including the CPA and other technicians that worked there. I have some reciepts for office supplies and the building inspectors can say I paid for the permits. Also other employees were getting cash compensation as well in forms of checks. I need to know how bad this may be for me. My bank is refusing to reimburse his bank and saying they dont believe his story as plausible. Not sure about his bank yet. However do i have recourse for him lying and possibly costing me monies with my other bank where they are holding me accountable for a $300 check as “forgery/breech of warranty” I did nothing wrong other then my job and trust him. How far criminally is this likely to go?
I understand I signed his name however then assuming I am guilty of forgery he is essentially saying that none of his bills for the business were legitimately paid for over a year either! That is just unrealistic. You cannot charge me for forgery on a hand picked 10 checks yet say the other 500 were not forgery when I signed them all!
SO then does it become a my word against his word type thing?

admin answers:

With his permission you did not forge anything. If you did it without his permission THEN you would be breaking the law criminally. But the law specifically states WITHOUT the persons permission. You HAD his permission.

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