Small Business Loans With Bad Credit

Lizzie asks…

how can i come up with a larger sum of money or solution?

im looking for a larger amount of money… or possibly a very effective solution….. its been laid on my heart to help my parents. they are in very bad financial distress. their older and work about 15 hour days 6 days a week. i see them wearing down physically and financially.. i need to help them out with their financial issues as its as bad as it can possibly get….. the problem is personally i cant get no loan.. im 22.. i have no credit history… i own a small business and work part time to make the ends meet. im barely making it for myself. but i need to help them somehow cuz this is hard for me to see….. i need to somehow step up to the plate and help them knock this HUGE burden out….. what can i do????????

admin answers:

Are you willing to pay their bills for them? I don’t know what their financial issues are, but I know that some people that even if they are given a large sum of money can still have the same problems because they are still making the same mistakes.

Help them in other ways than just giving them money like giving them good advice. Also since you are having trouble making ends meet for yourself why would you risk yourself for someone when both of you could end up in trouble. Do you want to have the same burden as them?

Also if you are not making enough money you could work a full time job instead of just part time. That would bring in a larger sum of money.

Paul asks…

The worst recession since the dirty 30′s the Dem’s and Libs cried, Bail out our banks GWB, they cried. WHY?

All the evidence in the world is pointing to the recession as a manufactured hoax by the left, Just
this week, the higest profit base for banks in their history is being declared, No one can tell me
that BOA, Wells Fargo. Citi group, Wachovia, Merrill Lynch,(BOA bought ML with tarp money, were all in the tank.) All of these units have repaid their Billions of dollars of taxpayer money. Lets break this down so even a liberal democrat can grasp it. You borrow 250,000 to buy your home. You pay it off in less than 6.5
months, Now did you really need that loan, NO. You used it to hedge against other business
dealings, that you got lucky on and you escaped losing on the high risk, high return investment.

These banks used the TARP funding to buy other banks, they didn’t clean up their toxic assets.
they haven’t even touched them. They didn’t make credit available to small business. They kept
if froze. So To me this whole damn thing stinks of Obama, the left and manufactured Doom. To
pull off an election. And screw the American people. Obama needs to be investigated for his
direct part in the sham. Along with Bernacke. and The Banks that alledged they were going under.

You don’t recover that fast, GM says they are now paying back. their sales are worse than they
were a year ago. This is really dirty, And needs investigated and exposed. For the exception of
Unemployment, this whole bail out thing is smoke and mirrors.
This is a poster child for what is wrong
with this picture,
Keep in mind, statistics can be manipulated to make black look white
and white look black. In this case red

admin answers:

The investigation needs to be started by taking a look at Ben Bernacke, he is the one that told Bush that the sky was falling and this is where TARP started, they needed $700 billion or the whole financial institution was going to collapse. Completely fear based tactic from Bernacke and he was rewarded recently by Obama with his nomination as Chairman of the Federal Reserve in January 2009 and has recently been renominated to that position.

All one needs to look at is the timing of the announcement, 2 weeks after Obama was chosen as the Democrat Nominee for President. The full blame has been placed on Bush and McCain was depicted as being Bush II. There are times that I think McCain also had a part in this play because he publicly announced that economics was not his strong suit. All but handing the presidency to Obama.

BOA was given $85 billion to purchase Merrill Lynch at bargain basement prices, when these assets were sold off BOA made a tidy profit and was able to repay the TARP money,
the same thing applies to other banks that purchased troubled assets.

These banks did not need the money to keep from failing, they needed money that they could spend without pissing off the shareholders if something went wrong.

The second half of the TARP funds were released on January 15th 2009 and Timothy Geithner spent $50 billion to mitigate foreclosures, $200 billion went in to a new entity created and was called P-PIP (public-private investors program). These funds were used to purchase the toxic assets of troubled finance companies, they in turn sold these assets and made themselves a tidy profit.

Liberals accuse conservatives of catering to the rich, but this is exactly what the liberal congress did, no working man or woman received a nickle of help. The money was poured into the banks for the sole purpose of making more money and the rich investors were given money to purchase assets that were in trouble, at very low prices I might add, they turned the assets around an made a small fortune.

In the mean time the barrel still stinks so Obama has asked for an additional $767 billion in stimulus money that will create the 4 million jobs Obama promised. The job report states that there were over 600,000 jobs created or saved. There is no way to prove that a job was created or if one was saved. The report showed jobs created in state districts that did not even exist and there was one small town in Illinois that received $800 million that created 18 jobs. If you want to take the 600,000 job number as accurate then each job cost approximately $128,000 to create, how many years of taxes does that person have to pay before the government can break even considering that the average wage for the US is approximately $40,000 per year.

Now all of the FAT CATS are happy they made their money and the average taxpayer owes $112,000 each in national debt.

I opposed Bush’s bailout, private industry should NEVER be bailed out by the taxpayers, they should be left to the demise that they created and then thrown in jail for having done it.
This country would have recovered, the stronger banks would have stepped up themselves to pickup the good assets at the bankruptcy sales and the government could have taken the toxic assets and simply distributed them out to the stronger banks at very low prices. Instead of spending $billion or $trillions we would have made money that could have been used to pay down the national debt.

Donna asks…

How to rate a BK attorney and find a good one that will work hard for you?

We fell on some devistating hard times due to illness, medical bills, ect ect ect. After our only vehicle got repossessed we sifted through hours and hours of online and phonebook ads for bad credit loans to attempt to borrow some money so we can get vehicle back. Seems either they’re all payday loans of small amounts that aren’t big enough to do any good with insane interests or just total scams. Its been exhausting and very depressing. So now we realize that the only answer is to file for chapter 13.

Just as overwhelming is trying to find a good BK lawyer. How do you sift through all the generic ads to find a good one? We don’t have a lot of time for testimonials as we’ll have 3 business days to find one and get working to save what little we have left.

admin answers:

Ask for attorney’s Martindale-Hubble rating. You want A or B.

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