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Chris asks…

Handlers: Can i get your advice on this?

I attended a “Show & Go” today (basically a 1-class mock show) and the mock judge said to me after my down-and-back ‘She looked better there then in the triangle… She’d look a lot better if you gaited her in a straight line”.


Apparently I don’t move in a straight line! I said this to my mentor, apalled, and she started laughing- She knew it too!

I was so embarrassed :/

Any tips for correcting myself and using a straight line?

I try to focus on an object and move towards it but sometimes (as in this building) there isnt much to focus on. I also tend to look at my dog a lot more then I look ahead (don’t ask me why, i just do…) and It’s beginning to make me look sloppy.


By the way:

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admin answers:

You HAVE to keep your eyes up.
Your feet are going to follow your eyes.

When you are coming towards the judge focus your eyes over the judges right shoulder (which would of course be on the left to you).

Set whatever landmark you can for your other lines no matter how small it might be.

Practice practice practice that is all you can do.

No reason to be embarrassed.

David asks…

Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce or the Start-up of a New Business Venture?

Currently, I am 18 years old and I am enrolled in an undergraduate program, Honours Bachelor of Commerce (4 years, finance major). I am wondering if it is worth it to drop out of my program to start up a new business venture from scratch. The business idea I have in mind is opening a tea shop/cafe in my local neighborhood where there is a high consumer base because it would be marketed to all ages and during all seasons. I have a clear logical sense of how small businesses work in Canada from the abundance of high school business courses and plentiful amounts of leisure reading (business guides, inspirational authors, informational how-to’s).
My plan is to resign from my Finance program and work in the retail industry (personal preference since my venture IS in retail catering) for 4 consecutive years to earn an initial investment in order for the start up. I know this may be a huge impact on my future since I will be lacking a Bachelor’s degree but I am sure there are many benefits as well such as the work experience I would be gaining in the span of 4 years, more than any bachelor graduates.
Please, anyone with opinion, knowledge, experience in the entrepreneurship field, contribute to my curiosity and perseverance. Thanks.

P.S. Plans, if all else fails:
Plan B – with a head start, continue working in the retail industry with a high school diploma and advance into management positions
Plan C – Enroll in college for more hands-on work and education related in retail such as Bartending or Catering services
Plan D – after going through B or C, work towards starting another business
Plan E – Investment opportunities with income

admin answers:

Based on the information you have provided, I would strongly discourage you from trying to go into business for yourself at this time in your life. It is a recipe for failure. Instead I would encourage you to stay in school for a few more years, get a college degree in something in which you have the greatest interest, and only then decide if you really want to be in business for yourself.

Donna asks…

is there any tendency that my pc files will be corrupted someday if i have gaming files and visual fox pro?

recently, we have this small financing business and we are using visual fox pro program.
but before that, i have a lot of stored game files.

now, what really makes me mad, they want me to delete my game files coz they were afraid our program might be corrupted.

is there anything to do with this?

please advice.

admin answers:

Offload them to an external drive or to DVD-Rs. The chances of files getting corrupted are low, and can happen for any reason. That’s what regular backups are for! And most people are woefully ignorant of computer protocols which breeds paranoia

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