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Betty asks…

i need a computer program to make repair tickets in my shop. any suggestions?

I have just been put in charge of helping a friend of mine get his small tool repair business up and running. I have tons of experience with computers and financing programs but i am needing some help in another area. we would like a program that prompts to enter customer name, tool info, a list of parts we need to order, etc. we are looking to open the doors in two weeks so i need some fast answers. Any suggestions will be appreciated!! Thanks guys!

admin answers:

Features and Services for The Store Manager / Owner –

Custom Software Development –

Business Software –

Some Content Management Systems may help:

Free Content Management Systems:

Sharon asks…

What’s a good place to start if you want a small online or local business?

…and what do you need. Things like SEO capabilities? (which seems so saturated and there’s a lot of ripoffs out there). Programs or books? Would you need a business license for online sales, ability to file finances and file taxes. a business loan, etc.? What are some of the things you need and how do you get them?

admin answers:

A lot of these questions need more information, but let’s see what I can answer:
SEO is tricky, I signed up for and they send get SEO tools and companies to me weekly. There are a lot of scams out there, but I have not had a problem with them. Do you have the site built yet? I highly recommend they are very fair. You do need a business license for online businesses and if you sell product you should get a resellers license to (it will open doors to buy product wholesale too). You can set up most carts to auto calculate taxes. Since you seem to be aiming locally you would need to charge taxes. Quickbooks is easy to learn and you can import and export sales fairly easily.

Sandy asks…

What business transaction do I need to keep track of for a small business?

I am going to get a business license to open an in-home photography studio. I will not have any employees, I will be the only person. What transactions do I need to keep track of, and what is the best way/program to do it? When I keep track of sales, do I include sales tax when I record it? Also, don’t you have to turn the sales tax you collect in to the state or something? Lastly, since it will be self-owned, do I have to file taxes for the business or can I just claim it on my personal taxes or do I have to do both? How do I distinguish between business and personal finances?

admin answers:

First, establish what services and or products you will be getting income from. Are you taking photographs only and delivering proofs, or will you be charging for photos as well?
If your business is considered just a service, you do not have to charge sales tax ( this should be researched in your state just to make sure). If you do charge sales tax, you have to submit quarterly reports.
Since it is self-owned, you can file the information, income and related expenses, on schedule C of your individual tax return.
Remember to keep track of home office square footage and related utilities.
In order to distinguish between personal and business, use software like QuickBooks and track all income and related expenses through that. You can do things like create invoices too.
Set up a separate bank account if you haven’t done so already.

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