Small Business Financing Options

Mary asks…

I want to get finance to start a small business…

I have fair…maybe even bad credit. under 5000 in credit card debt and want to start a wholesaling and import export small business, but want financing of like 5000- 10,000 to start it up. ive tried researching with grants but it’s like 1 scam leads me to another. too many grant scam artists and i tried some loan websites but alot of them require good credit for business loans…………………………………….can anyone help me out with any options i can look up?

admin answers:

Hello Every One,
I am Loveth Maxwell by name, i live in USA, just a few month ago i was in search for a loan of $ 30,000 Dollars, as my family was running out of money for feeding and my education. I was scammed about $4,500 Dollars and i decided not to involve my self in such business again , finally A colleague of my introduced me to a loan firm due to my appearance and doings. I made a trial and i am most grateful am i today, i was given a loan amount of 40,000 Dollars by this great firm Scott Micro finace managed by Mr.Scott Spencer.
If you are in need of a ganuine or legit loan or financial assistance and you can be reliable and trusted of capable of paying back at the due time of the funds i will advice you to, contact him via email.
and you will be free from scams in the internet.

John asks…

What types of firms would lend money to a business against the product inventory?

If lenders banks do not lend money to a start up business on inventory as collateral? What firms will? As it should be possible. I have heard that factors would do this. I should be simple to get the banks to finance a small business in america based soley on the credit report. What options are available?

admin answers:

Many banks will lend money on your receivables. Inventory is a problem because it can’t always be moved.

Helen asks…

How do I write a good letter to business owners to get money to open a pet groom business?

Hello every one,How are you guys doing? Thank you for taking the time to read and help me out with my writing problem.I have a financial problem.I’m street smart and I have this business that I would like to open but I don’t have enough finance to start it. The small business organization won’t help because i don’t have enough money to startup the grooming business. What other options do I have? What should I say in that letter? please help

admin answers:

Have you considered going to a bank?

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