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Paul asks…

can u see below. recounting of all votes @ all electable seats@midterm polls,nov2 2010 petitioned to b o eETAL?

11.8. 2010
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DRkamal k roy/jgJrRebelGOP WIcand@all Elect.SEAt/US/ny@m_term nov&fec/usSenate/hr_nydECL. petit recountALLvote?
11.8.2010 London U K:: world news. democracy in USmidterm polls discriminated officially declared W I candidates wih ballotted candidates. Name of Write in candidates were withheld from electorate in n y state et al and their votes write in or absentee ballots were ignored of not publicly notified.Incidentally the largest democracy in globe, INDIA,et al declare all candidates in ballots or to electorate.USA ballots carry names of candidates who spend hundreds of thousand to millions of u s $ @ ballot on signature drive to get into rooms @ ballot, in N Y et al in most of the state or national u s election. USA may be selective/optional/arbitrary leadership opening in usa democracy. in the matters above the political scientist/candidate/ordained clergy with vow of poverty,irs rule,& author of Jungle democracies, cat& mouse doctrines of oppression on poor & weaker people, smaller entities, weaker nations of globe by most of the powerfuls in democracies.Powerful people/entities/nations/superpowers,poss… USa, as alien nations/people say so, but author the rev dr roy ,a membe rof poorests & weaker community @ USA say nothing, as he had had no proof in the matters superpower; dr roy petitoned boe,nys, fec, ny state u s govt. u s courts of various jurisdictionts @ govts for recount in votes in all electable seat openings in n y state, for legal violations. dr kmal karna may not win a seat or two , but recount of all votes shall help gop to win/lose with counts. dr roy as a poorclergy mau not pay fees for recounting of all votes as dr roy was andidate, w i declared to authorities in nys/fec/ us govt.he has legal options to seek justice in civil rights iolations in nys.
E O E:
DRkamal k roy/jgJrRebelGOP WIcand@all Elect.SEAt/US/ny@m_term nov&fec/boe/usSenate/hr_nydECL. petititioned recount of all electable votes and seats federal viz u s senate, nys gov , to village justice position @saranac lake village nys. violations occured through out n y state. petitions were made @USDC/CO @ denver,Co.usdc ed of virginia @ alexandria VA, & @USCA10 @ denver, co , The u s supreme court, washington dc in related matters
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admin answers:

Glitch much?

Betty asks…

If your taxable income is between $172K and $196K, taxes will DECREASE under Obama’s plan. Bad for economy?

More specifically, the Joint Committee on Taxation (which includes both Republicans and Democrats from both House and Senate) estimates that if Obama’s proposed partial repeal of the Bush tax cuts goes into effect, people with taxable income between $171,850 and $195,550, would be moved from the 33% tax bracket to the 28% bracket and could end up saving more than $1,000 a year.

It is said repeatedly that the Obama plan will discourage hiring because small business owners earn more than $250,000/year and will have a tax increase. But do more small business owners earn more, or less than $250,000? Do we really KNOW that net hiring would decrease under Obama’s plan? Why?

Aren’t there a lot of small business owners who fall into this income range?

admin answers:

Oh goody, now all I need to do is an income and hello decreased taxes!

Linda asks…

Why aren’t Democrats coming out and calling Republicans a bunch of liars if what they say is untrue?

The best they can say is “it’s not fair to judge legislation that is not even complete yet.” That doesn’t sound like they are disputing anything the Republican are saying.

1. A Government Takeover of Health Care. The House Democrats’ plan will create a new government-run program, will make health care more expensive, limit treatments and ration care, and put bureaucrats in charge of medical decisions rather than patients and doctors. Translation: higher costs, lower quality, and fewer choices for patients.

2. Forcing More than 100 Million Out of their Health Care. The House Democrats’ plan will force more than 100 million Americans out of their current health care plan and onto the government rolls. A Lewin Group study confirms that under a new government-run health plan millions will lose their current health care coverage.

3. Rationing Health Care Treatments. The House Democrats’ plan establishes an “advisory committee” that will put bureaucrats and politicians in charge of deciding patient treatments and cures. Translation: The government will make health care treatment decisions rather than doctors and patients.

4. A New Mandate on Individuals. The House Democrats’ plan mandates that every American buy health insurance or pay a hefty tax to Washington. This would force more Americans into government-run system that will make health care more expensive, ration care, and put bureaucrats in charge of medical decisions.

5. A New Mandate on Employers. The House Democrats’ plan would impose employer mandates and cost jobs by requiring some employers – especially small businesses – to pay a new tax to Washington. The plan would also slap employers that are unable to offer coverage the government deems adequate with another new tax to Washington. These two new taxes will make it more difficult than ever for small business owners to reinvest in their businesses and create and retain good paying jobs.

6. Harming Small Businesses. The House Democrats’ plan doesn’t yet define “small businesses,” which is troubling news for millions of Americans who depend on these engines of economic growth. One Democratic draft plan revealed to date only provides assistance to ease employer mandates for small businesses with an average of 27 or fewer employees. This leaves a huge number of small businesses to deal with the onerous and expensive mandates of the Democrats’ government defined health benefit plan (“small businesses” are traditionally defined as employing less than 500 people).

7. Expanding Entitlements. The House Democrats’ plan expands the Medicare and Medicaid programs without reform, ignoring the pending insolvency of programs that millions of seniors and families rely upon. These policies will result in benefit cuts and premium increases for many Americans who depend on these programs.

8. Unfunded Mandates on States. The House Democrats’ plan creates new unfunded mandates for already cash-strapped states by expanding Medicaid, forcing both the federal government and states to pay more to finance this entitlement expansion. This will leave states no choice but to raise taxes or reduce services for citizens of those states.

9. How Many Taxes Will Democrats Raise? The House Democrats’ plan expands benefits and includes massive new subsidies and government-dictated benefits, but it doesn’t identify any significant savings to help pay for the new scheme, nor does it acknowledge the massive new costs it will impose on individuals, employers, and states. In the past, Democrats promised a series of new tax hikes to pay for their plan. How many will there be? When do Democrats plan to reveal them?

10. Shifts Massive New Costs onto Taxpayers. The House Democrats’ plan represents a bait-and-switch that will make health care more expensive and hit the middle class particularly hard with higher taxes, rationed care, and new health costs. As millions of middle-class families are struggling to make ends meet while making responsible choices, this plan forces those that make responsible decisions to foot the bill for those who don’t.

admin answers:

If it does not sound like it, you are not reading enough of the answers. None of the bills proposed so far will result in government takeover of healthcare or crowd out private insurance unless they are inefficient.

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