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Chris asks…

Need Financing for business?

I have a small construction business (1-1.5 mil gross) and I need cash flow money to do payroll and expenses from month to month. I have bad credit (all from keeping the business afloat) but I have a good business and client base. Any suggestions?

admin answers:

I would strongly recommend that you talk to a business counselor before you do anything especially spend money. I’d call the local office of SCORE (go to and input your zip code to find the chapter nearest you), the advice is FREE.

The counselor at SCORE will most likely advise you to write a business plan which is very good advice because it will force you to dig out all of the financial details you’ll need to go look for financing. It will also force you to also take a new look at all of the aspects of your construction business including the customers you’ll concentrate on (your market ) and how you’ll go after them.

Try this link : and read some of the articles especially the ones about a business plan and financing a business.
Good Luck

Paul asks…

disabled homebound with bad credit needs help financing web projects.?

worked 25 yrs, in car accident 3 yrs ago, nominal settlemeny allowed medical bills to be paid and money to support children and ex spouse. small amount left invested in quality computer. household neccessities. medicine and clothes. Prior work as a professional magician, salesman at promotional products company. Customers were Hewlett Packard, Sapp Bros. Truck Stops, Central Hockey League, and many more. From the good working income to $0 overnite and no heath insurance. I learned how difficult bit is to get around to all the neccessary private and public agencies to survive. Homeless penniless and injured. 3 yrs later I can again walk talk read and write. I have 7 solid unique web based business ideas for the poor elderly or disabled to do from home or RV legitimately. Please help . I thank you for your time in advance

admin answers:

Sounds like you are all set you have the ideas how to make money and websites aren’t expensive to set up so you should have enough from your work without loans. Congratulations on your new career. If you need a few dollars maybe your ex will loan it to you since it will allow you to support your children better.

William asks…

Government grants/ small business startup loans….?

I have a business plan, and a building picked out that I would like to purchase. I have looked at several websites including and to find a way of getting the money I need, and haven’t had much luck. I would love to get a grant, but it is really hard to find grants that I qualify for. I have horrible credit, so a loan is also going to be difficult to get unless I can find a way to get financed using something other than my own personal credit history. I don’t have anyone to co-sign for me, either. However, I am confident that my business will be successful, due to the fact that I have absolutely no competition whatsoever in my area. I also have a unique and sound business plan and some very good ideas. Has anyone here ever gotten a grant for this purpose? How about a business loan with bad credit? Any ideas? Any info would help!! Thanks, all!!

admin answers:

There are no grants for a for profit business unless you are opening a daycare and then it is a minimal amount. If you need money, you will need to apply for a loan. No lender will talk to you unless you provide them with a valid business plan.

Then, go to and in the upper left hand corner, enter your zip code. On the next screen, you will get information on the nearest SCORE chapter. Call them and arrange for a free meeting with a SCORE counselor to review your business plan and discuss various loan options available to you.

SCORE is a nonprofit association dedicated to entrepreneur education and the formation, growth and success of small business nationwide. SCORE is a resource partner with the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA).

SCORE has 389 chapters in locations throughout the United States and its territories, with 10,500 volunteers nationwide. Both working and retired executives and business owners donate time and expertise as business counselors.

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