Sbarro Pizza

Robert asks…

which pizza place is the best from this list?

choose from these places:
little caesars
happy’s pizza
jets pizza
papa johns pizza
hungry howies pizza
pizza hut
Dolley’s Pizza
California Pizza Kitchen
Chuck E Cheese’s
CiCi’s Pizza
Domino’s pizza
Costco’s PIzza


admin answers:

Pizza Hut! Whenever i’m in the mood for just plain thick crust pizza, i’ll always suggest that!

Carol asks…

Chain pizza pizza or “around the corner”places?

I absolutely hate chain pizza stores except maybe sbarro and cpk or whatever. I think they aren’t as fresh or tasty they go by really recipe or whatever I think but around the corner places or little shops are specialty and they might add some of this or that.What do u like?
My friend thinks dominoes or whatever is the best.

admin answers:

Around the corner places are the best. The people running them have been doing pizza from scratch forever and have them perfected. Chain pizza places get all their ingredients in bulk, keep them frozen until they need them, and have specific methods for producing the pizzas that might be more tailored to crank out a fast pizza that gives them a good profit margin than what tastes the best.

That said, there are some excellent chains out there. I remember about 20 years ago, my favorite pizza place in town was Chicago Brothers. They eventually sold the restaurant franchises and went to just making frozen pizzas for sale in grocery stores. The restaurant closed and opened up a couple months later as an independent restaurant called Tomato’s. I tried going there once and the food was terrible. The deep dish pizza was completely soggy and the dough raw. They gave me a voucher to come back later for free, but I never went back.

Laura asks…

where is your favorite pizza spot?

Can be local or chain… (california pizza kitchen”my personal favorite”, pizza hut, papa johns, hungry howies, cici’s pizza, sbarro‘s, dominos, red brick?)

admin answers:

I agree w/”Toot’s” Casa Blanca in Eagle Rock (Los Angeles)! It’s the best “cash only” restaurant for that thin crispy crust pizza, piled w/great toppings and cheese. All of their pastas are great too! Go early to avoid long waits (like 5:00 p.m.); if you like a thicker crustier yet crunchy dough, but overall good pizza, try Patrillo’s on Valley Blvd. In San Gabriel. A real recent & great find, (also a trendy place too) is MOZZA on Melrose (reservations is highly recommended…if you go around 11:30 am and wait in line), you may get a seat. But for dinner, you NEED reservations. They’re booked weeks in advance), it is by far the best thin crust pizza I’ve had (Restaurant is owned and operated by Nancy Silverton, a well known chef and former co-owner of LaBrea Bakery & Mario Batali). If you’re ever in Sacramento CA, a great find is Roma’s Italian Restaurant. It’s a hole in the wall, great price and really really good pizza (on Franklin Blvd. Near Fruitridge)….not the best of neighborhoods, but known for their pizzas, and pastas are pretty good too.

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