Sbarro Pizza

Susan asks…

i ate two sbarro pizzas?

two greasy sbarro pizzas one pepperoni one cheese probably added up to about 1400 cals i had class all day and my campus card wasn’t working so i couldn’t get anything to eat. SOOOO….if that was all i ate today should i go work out still…..

admin answers:

No your fine, but if it would make you feel better, up to 20 minutes would not hurt

im a healthy eater (health nut) and i dont eat fattening junk food. My mom got papa johns pizza for dinner and i love it and had not had it in a long time. I had 3 pieces and the next day i was fine, i just work out every other day.

You’ll be okay

Helen asks…

How natural is the food in these fast food restaurants?

Restaurants at the strip mall in terms of popularity at a given lunch hour:
1. McDonald’s
2. Teriyaki Chicken over Rice (you can see it being grilled on the spot)
3. Taco Bell
4. Five Guys
5. KFC
6. Charley’s Grilled Subs
7. Ranch 1
8. Sbarro Pizza

Order of natural, healthy food selection:

admin answers:

2. 5 guys
3. Charleys
4. Ranch 1
5. Sbarro
6. KFC
7. Taco hell, I mean bell

Betty asks…

Where can you get the best pizza?

Papa Johns
Little Ceasars
Pizza Hutt
Roma Pizza
Papa Murpheys
Cicis Pizza

Which place has the best deals?

Which place makes the best Pizza?

For a family of 2 currently but eventually a family of 3. (It will be awhile before our child is eating pizza)
ADD: It must be from this list

admin answers:

I’m from Northern New Jersey, where it is a class 5 felony to buy pizza from any of those execrable places. Sorry, but I can’t help you.

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