Sbarro Pizza

Robert asks…

What year and where did Sbarro first started making cheese pizzas?

admin answers:

1938 ..he’s the best !

Richard asks…

Which of these has the best pizza?

Please chose only 1
Pizza Hut
Dominoes Pizza
Little Ceasar
Papa John
Sbarro Pizza

admin answers:

Dominoes. I’ve never had Little Ceasar or Papa John’s pizza. They don’t have them in my area.

Joseph asks…

Does Sbarro epitomize the true flavor of a N.Y. style pizza?

admin answers:

I will say this. I would NEVER eat a Sbarro’s pizza in New York City.

But whenever I am out of the city and they have a Sbarro’s, I will go there over a Domino’s, Pizza Hut,or a Papa Johns anyday.

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