Sbarro Pizza

Michael asks…

Sbarro, Round Table, Papa John, Pizza Hut or Domino’s?

admin answers:

Can I add my own? Gino’s East in Chicago….*drools*

Charles asks…

Best and worst nation wide pizza chain?

I recently had dominoes, and it was awful. It was like pure salt with rubbery cheese. So I’d say they’re worst. But I want some pizza now. Who is the best? I can’t remember. Pizza Hut? Little Caesars? Sbarro‘s? Any suggestions? I’m in Memphis TN.

admin answers:

Pizza Hut is the BEST. Yum.

Worst….probably Papa Johns.

William asks…

Pizza Hut vs. Little Ceasars vs. Domino’s vs. Papa John’s vs. Sbarro’s vs. Vocelli’s vs. Cece’s Pizza?

List your favorites, pick one……… whatever. I included Lil’ Ceasar’s just for fun……. Their “Pizza, pizza!” Sucks.
I’m just wondering about the chains.
I would preffer to go to a local mom’n'pop pizzaria anytime.

admin answers:

You don’t ask an easy question, do you? Ha ha ha My pick is Papa John’s and Papa Murphy’s. I agree that the local mom n’ pop pizzeria is the best usually!!!!!

(Have never had Vocelli’s or Cece’s – not in our area of WA yet.)

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