Sbarro Pizza

James asks…

Chicago-style pizza in Houston?

I’ve been wanting to try Chicago-style pizza for awhile. A coworker moved here from Chicago 2 years ago and has his pizza shipped from Lou Malnati’s. Before I pay $70 for 4 small, frozen pizzas from Lou’s, I thought I would try it first. When I mention “Pizza Hut” or “Sbarro“, my coworker just rolls his eyes. Any suggestions on where I can get authentic Chicago-style pizza here in Houston? There’s plenty of NY style, but I’m getting tired of that.

admin answers:

Dallas. Campisi’s.

William asks…

how to pronounce SBARRO?

SBARRO – fastfood chain mainly served is Pizza

admin answers:

Suh-Bar-Oh, is how you pronounce this pizza place because I asked them because I was curious as to how it was pronounced. They have really good pizzas at very affordable prices and the slices of pizza are huge too!! ;-)

Charles asks…

Your best Pizza place to eat?

1. Sbarro‘s
2.Papa John’s
3. Pizza Hut
4. Domino’s

admin answers:

MY pizza is THE BEST. But if you want to go out, then I guess you’ll have to settle for any of the above.

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