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Donna asks…

If you were in an eating competition, how many slices of pizza can you eat in 30 minutes…?

Without it coming back up? Please indicate if you are a man or woman.

*Assume each slice is the size of a standard slice from Sbarro and you can drink the beverage of your choice while you eat..

admin answers:

I don’t know what Sbarro is, but I could probably stuff down an entire medium pizza from Papa Johns or Pizza Hut in a contest if my stomach were empty. Is there a cash prize? I wouldn’t want to eat again for at least a day.

Daniel asks…

BEST PIZZA CHAINS!? (Your opinions?)?

Which pizza chains do you think deserve or don’t deserve to be on this list (as far as quality)? Why?

1. Pizza Hut
2. Domino’s
3. Papa John’s
4. Round Table
5. Papa Murphy’s
6. Little Caesars
7. Sbarro‘s
8. Mountain Mike’s
9. CiCi’s

Heres my opinions….
Pizza Hut? I think deserves to be number one. Everyone likes it and it is successful. The quality of the pizza is great for regular pizza. Domino’s? Improved. Don’t really think it deserves as high up on the list as No.2 though….Papa John’s? Great. Delicious. I Agree. Round Table? I think it deserves to be No. 2 or 3. Pizza is great. Papa Murphy’s? Great for “Take ‘N’ Bake”. Its pretty good. Thumbs up.
Little Caesars? The pizza is good for $5 a pizza but, No. Its not my favorite. Sbarro‘s? The pizza is a little too greasy but aside from that…okay….maybe a little too filling? The slices are pretty big, but that doesn’t matter. I’ve only had it once, maybe twice. Mountain Mike’s? The pizza is good. It is a little…spicy…but maybe thats just me? Oh well. CiCi’s? Never had it before. No comment. (:
And finally….Shakey’s (which you might not have heard of before seeing as they only have 60 locations). Surprisingly one of their locations is in my small town. The pizza is actually one of my favorites and it taste extra good with the Parmesan cheese (;…. mmmm

So my top 3 would have to be Pizza Hut, Shakey’s, and Round Table.

1) What pizza chains do you think deserve a “cheers”(;? 2) What are the worst on the list in your opinion? and 3) Are you hungry for pizza right now? I am.(;

admin answers:

Little Ceasers. Obviously the best pizza is local shops though.

Betty asks…

what’s your favorite pizza?

i loveeee sbarro‘s mushroom and pizza hut’s chicken supreme =]

admin answers:

Sbarros and pizza hut and papa johns

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