Sbarro Pizza

John asks…

does anyone know of a sbarro resturant anywhere in the uk except the euston road one?

just seen the mouthwatering picture of the pizza we used to love from woking but now cant find any resturants anywhere

admin answers:

Pretty sure there is one in Manchester

Linda asks…

Stuffed Pizza?

I am doing a how to speech in a class I am taking and I was wondering if you could give me some websites that would have good history about pizza or a video on how to make pizzas. If you have ever been to sbarro pizzeria we make a double crusted pizza with sausage, pepproni, cheese sauce and bacon on top. Any info would help… thanks =)

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Ken asks…

Best pizza place in San Jose/SF Bay Area?

I love pizza but always want to try something new. I’ve been to the following pizza places:
-Pizza Jack;s
-Grande Pizzeria
-Chuck E. Cheese :)
-Domino’s Pizza
-Kukar’s House of Pizza
-Little Caesar’s
-Pizza My Heart
-Pizza Hut

Can you please suggest other pizza places! :)

admin answers:

Here are a few in the Bay Area, and on the Peninsula.
Rainbow Pizza (San Mateo)
Toto’s Pizzeria (San Bruno, Belmont)
North Beach Pizza (San Francisco, San Mateo)

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