Sbarro Pizza

Jenny asks…

Which pizza place is the best????

choose from these places:
little caesars
happy’s pizza
jets pizza
papa johns pizza
hungry howies pizza
pizza hut
Dolley’s Pizza
California Pizza Kitchen
Chuck E Cheese’s
CiCi’s Pizza
Domino’s pizza
Costco’s PIzza
cici’s is the best for me!

admin answers:

I guess you have never really had good Pizza.

Charles asks…

Pizza places?

Out of this list of pizza places, which ones I’ve you been to, I’m sure all of you have to the main ones, anyways which places do like and don’t like?

The pizza places I have NOT been to.

Peter Piper Pizza
Mellow Mushroom
Hungry Howie’s Pizza
Round Table Pizza
Papa Murphy’s
Old Chicago
Jerry’s Subs & Pizza
CiCi’s Pizza
Pizza Pro
Noble Romans
Donatos Pizza
Bullwinkle’s Restaurant
California Pizza Kitchen
Papa Gino’s
Boston Pizza
Gino’s Pizza and Spaghetti
Spaghetti Warehouse
Imo’s Pizza
Piccadilly Circus Pizza
Mountain Mike’s Pizza
Kelsey’s Pizza
Pizza By The Pound
Incredible Pizza Company

Pizza places I have BEEN to.

Pizza Hut
Papa John’s Pizza
Domino’s Pizza
Gatti’s Pizza or Mr. Gatti’s – samething
Chuck E. Cheese’s
Snappy Tomato Pizza
Little Caesars
Godfather’s Pizza
Villa Pizza
Connie’s Pizza
Showbiz Pizza Place
Nick’s Family Sports Pub

There are more I’ve been to, I’m sure, I just can’t think of them.
Here is another pizza place I’ve been to.

Matt B’s Main Street Pizza
I’ve never been to these places…

Pizza Pit
I also meant to add I’ve never been to…


admin answers:

If it’s food, then I LIKE IT!

Ken asks…

What’s the best pizza you’ve ever tasted?

my favorite is sbarro‘s. thts epic pizza to me.

admin answers:


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