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Nancy asks…

I have a business idea, next step to manufacture?

I have thought of a business idea for a product which I think there is a large market for in the UK and could be successful. However I don’t know where to go from from here? I have researched manufacturers and small business loans, but when speaking to manufacturers about my idea how do I protect it so that they don’t copy it for themselves? And what should I say when I approach them? Obviously for now I only want a prototype so that I can then maybe approach buyers and find some potential customers? Any help will be appreciated!
Thanks for your advice but I think due to the nature of the product I wouldn’t be able to obtain a patent as such. It’s not completely and utterly unique, it’s more of a different version/adaptation of products that already exist.

admin answers:

You need to patent your idea before you even approach a manufacturer otherwise they could easily steal your idea. Once it is patented, you can research the best manufacturers based on the materials.

Research the industry, find your target audience, then see who else is selling to that audience and see what they are doing/what works/what doesn’t.

Susan asks…

Small Business that needs an investor?

Potential/Experienced investors only?
Hello there,

I`m the Ceo and Owner of Sho-Dem-Ent UK leading urban agency based in the UK helping talented artists with different types of services and we are looking for a potential investor based in the UK to upgrade a new business idea in the music industry to help Hmv raise capitals.

We would need to know if any investors in this Social network would be interested before i proceed with other Angel investors or possible bank loans.


£1,500,000 avarage minimum

£4,500,000 avarage minimum

£17,000,000 avarage minimum


Investor recieves between 20-25%
but we can discuss it further anytime soon.

If you are an investors and considering to collaborate anytime soon.
Please call me here



admin answers:

How can you have an average minimum. It is a contradiction in terms!

Paul asks…

How do I find Distributors and shops for my clothing line?

A friend and me have been running our own Boardwear clothing line since 2002 and we have had some success locally considering our small budget. We have decided to take it one step further and would like to do this full time. we are currently selling our clothes through a single shop in our Town.

My questions is, how do we get as many sales as possible quickly? How do we find International distributors and shops in the UK? Should we just attend all major Tradeshows?
Also, any tips on getting funding (e.g. investors, loans: private or business loan?) are appreciated.
The Pre-sales tip is good thanks but would shops pay you before even getting the goods? If not I would still have to come up with the Investment to produce it I guess and then cash in once we have delivered to shops. Also would people here rather take out a personal loan (is it easier to get??) or a business loan?

admin answers:

Definitely go for the trade shows and sales, but be a little weary of investors as they tend to want to manage the business and push you out. Personally I’d go it alone as you can find loads of good contacts at trade shows.

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