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Sharon asks…

Are there any small business loans or grants out there that I don’t have to put money upfront myself?

I am looking to open a small business in the town of Globe, Arizona. I am 21 with most likely crappy credit or none. I already know states have business grants or loans where you match the funding up front, but I am looking for a loan or grant where I don’t put anything up front. And i’m really only looking to get at the max 200k.

admin answers:

I don’t know of any loans that don’t require at least something up front, usually 20%. Lenders want to be sure you have a motive to use their money wisely, and to see a return on their investment. Grants are hard to find, and even harder to get, so don’t even worry about them.

Donald asks…


Growth occurs when people buy things they want or need…we’re saturated with what we have today. Rarely do new thingscome to market…like the Segway or I-phone. There are literally thousands of inventors and small business (including startups) with new ideas for products and services trying to get off the ground. This includes GREEN technologies.

Small business does not squander money. They struggle to pay their bills and usually work in their business every day doing the nitty gritty hard work.

How about giving the US Small Business Administration the money to grant and loan to US-Based small businesses to open their doors and or grow…sure their must be rules to make this work but its better than giving it to banks. Solve the root of the problem instead of propping up the zombie banks and businesses.

The problem: No jobs
The solution: Make jobs!
Simple plan…so simple it eludes Washington.

What is your opinion?

admin answers:

While I support fostering small business growth, I believe the crisis of today to be much to large and deep rooted to be solved by small business stimulation. There is a lack of confidence in the market and business as a whole, and no amount fo small business growth would help to restore that confidence. This is a global crisis, and multinational companies are collapsing and being divested, which is perpetuating the lack of confidence. Small business also doesn’t have the capabilities to produce large quantities at low costs like larger ones, so any increase in small business at this point would seem counter-intuitive as people are not willing to spend on non-necessities as much, and certainly not at higher prices than they could find elsewhere.

Maria asks…

What can you tell me about small business loans?

I’d like to get a small business loan to cover start-up costs and to give me working capital for two years. I’d also like at least 40 acres of land for the business to use. Should I bundle the loan for the business with the loan for the land or should I do each loan seperately?

admin answers:

Since u do not say what or where u are planning to do this it is a guess.
Land loans are often separate from business loans.
Working capital for 2yrs is a long shoot.

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