Loans For Small Businesses

Mark asks…

What percentage of the stimulus package has Congress set aside for small business loans?

and what are the conditions of those loans?

Did Bush during his term set aside a portion of his economic package to support small private business long term?

admin answers:

Its sounds pretty complicated so Ill just post the link to the site i found

hope that helps

Its nice to have a respectful exchange on this forum for a change :)

Robert asks…

Is it easy to get loans for small business?

I am looking forward for small business,is it easy to get loans for small business,if yes then please suggest me some good options.

admin answers:

Any reputable lender will require a business plan that shows that you can pay the loan back. Go to or for instructions on how to write a business plan and sample business plans.

Laura asks…

Does anyone know if centrelink offer small business loans?

I am interested in buying a small business, they are asking $5,000 for it but am a stay at home mum with no income, only centrelink payment’s and was wondering if anyone knows if centrelink or any other company offer “small business loans“?

admin answers:


I know Centrelink will only give loans of up to $500. There used to be small business loans Through DEET but the Howard government stopped it.

I did a quick search of Google for you. Follow the link in the source.

If you wanted to look at something much cheaper to start have a quick look at my profile. I’m on a centrelink allowance too and I’m starting to make good progress with a very easy to operate small business online.

Good luck to you.

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