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Betty asks…

If we want to fix the American economy are we going to have to do it ourselves?

Every time I walk into a Wal Mart, K Mart, or Target everything I pick up says, “made in China”? So, if we’re importing everything we use from other countries, our basic every day necessities and we’re not creating anything ourselves in the USA, we’re not outsourcing anything, nor providing anything for our consumers to buy, and we’re loaning money from China to, “bail us out” of our financial burdens that we have from purchasing goods that were made in their country, where does that leave the USA? What direction are we headed in again? Could you please explain the economic sense behind it, because I’m confused. China and India both have us beat in the field of education, so, we’re a knowledge based country isn’t cutting any mustard with me. The way I see it, the only way America is going to create jobs is if we, the people create them ourselves by starting small businesses and stopping buying crap “made in China” West County Chopper and Harley Davidson are always made in the USA, Ford is the only car company I know that still makes their products in the USA, now that GM has taken their business overseas that is.
Capwest5: We’re importing our doctors from India, though I agree with you, they do seem as well to me less educated than Americans. None the less, they’ve received their medical degrees in India, and then we are paying them upwards of $250,000.00 to become doctors here because they have a medical degree which they received in India!

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The people are the only ones who can fix the economy. The government can make all the laws it wants but companies will just find more loopholes. We just don’t know how to boycott anymore and the companies take advantage of our stupidity and laziness.

Sandra asks…

private bussiness loan needed?

I am a small trader in Chemical trading business. I wish to expand my bussiness for which I need working capital. I am searching the private loan lenders all over the world. None of them is fruitful. I am hesitating to contact the banks because the banking procedures are tough here in India. Can anybody give me any suggesstion to get private bussiness loan from private lenders. any reply is solicited. But it should be serious and relevant.

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As an aspiring entrepreneur you have to realize the road ahead is going to be tough. While one of the hardest things that you have to do to start your small business is to get the funding that you need to start up. Most small-business owners are lucky enough to have enough resources such as surplus funds in their savings accounts to start their businesses. But for the majority of those business owners just like you and I, we require some help and assistance.


With the recent recession and the economy heading towards a downward spiral, getting the loan that you need to start your small business is going to be a very difficult road for you. But thanks to Uncle Sam there is a better choice out there for you. The government is going to offer you a small business loan grant. The benefits of getting a grant from the government is the fact that it never has to be paid back unlike a normal loan from major banks such as Bank of America Wells Fargo etc.

Michael asks…

what is the problem with me?

i am from india. 24yrs old. i was a bright n popular student at school. my father was a business man and i have a bro 3yrs elder to me. my father retired when i was in high school n let my bro takecare of the family by financing the business he wanted to get into after his school. my elder bro has always bullied me. but when i came to college he took really good care of me,gave me everything that i needed like my college fees and other necessities. he also promised me that he wud finance my higher education(MBA in UK).
when i was in my FY(final year) everything jus changed dramatically in my life. i came to know that my bro has blown all the money that my father invested in his business in drinks, girls n all wrong habits. it was a lot of money.. everything… even the properties.. to add to it my father already knew wot is happening but he never wanted to take things under his control bcoz he was getting wot he wanted “which is not having to work” so he kept his eyes shut.but when my bro’s creditors started turning up at home he cudnt do anything but jus vent his anger on my mother and me.he started screaming at us for no reason all day everyday but was scared to say anything to my bro as he kept telling my father that eventually he is gonna takecare of everything.. but that was a lie.when i asked my father to help me for my education, he refused but kept helping my bro by getting heavy loans from all possible sources, selling our hereditary property and all..this kind of encouraged my bro and eventually we we were left with absolutly nothing n the moment my bro realized this, he ran away.
It wud had been a relief if he had gone forever but he ran away wit a minor girl n my father was the one to support him do this..the girl’s family obviously gave a police complaint n the cops came to our place looking for was a such a harrasment for me when i had to face them n convince them that i didnt know anything about it..i used to be a very patient person but then i completely lost respect for my father and my elder brother…he married her and came back after 18 days with her.i told my father that its high time that he kicks his ass out of the house but he wudnt listen bcoz he still believed that he is the only son who is gonna take care of him.he never believed in himself and never believed in me.. a year had passed in all this tension and i decided to find a job and moveon. i had to give up my dream of doing my MBA in UK which by the way was very much possible considering our financial situation when i was in my college.
To my luck i got a job in a bpo though not wit a very gud salary but in a gud company wit gud people to work with. the girl he married came as an angel in disguise to our family. my brother started a new business n looked like a changed person. my father still the same though. very soon after the marraige the couple was blessed wit a baby boy..we were very happy..but something went wrong during the delivery n we cudnt bring the baby home for 5 months.. he was in the hospital since the day he was born..i used to cry everyday during my breaks at the job thinkin about the baby..he had needle marks all over his body coz of the treatment..he cudnt survive..he died.
Meanwhile there were major changes happenin at my work place. like school even at work i was very an award for 3 consecutive months for best performance out of almost 100people.. but many ppl left the organisation for better prospects at a very delicate stage…my boss started pickin up on me for every small thing.. instead of tryin 2 solve the problem he wntd to dump all the blame on me..i was under a depression..i left the job after an year. my father and elder bro started bullying me again.. initially i thought that they are also depressed and frustrated but then i found out that they had become drug addicts.both of them.
I never wanted to leave my family but finally though a little late i decided to move out. after a few months of terrible struggle i got a job in an airline but my mother begged me to stay wit the family. so i stayed..but i no longer had any love left in me to give to anyone..i was jus living coz i had to. i got selected as a cabin crew a few months later and was asked to relocate to a different city..that was it..a good job wit a decent pay and being away from these people without hurting anyones emotions. i finally relocated. the very first day i landed i lost my passport and i also didnt get along wit the ppl there.ppl were almost treated like slaves.i had never leaved alone in my life b4. i got nervous,i had to come back home to get my passport again and i quit the job. now desparately trying to find another 1. i ve had thoughts to commit suicide earlier as well althrough the ups n downs in my life but now they have become very very stronger. terrible family, no friends, no job, bad past.getting too much for me.if i am not insane then WHAT IS THE PROBLEM WITH ME?

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