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Ken asks…

I have few questions about USA immigration?

Hey folks, this forum seems intresting..i have few questions how other folks has i hope you guys will help me with these…

No1. I am an Indian and i have few different kind of business in India but i am planning to lease a store in USA which is non related to my business is it possible i can start a business USA with small investment like 50,000

No2. Can i get a SSN and Driving licence in USA?

No3. What kind of visa do i need to start a business here? now i have B1,B2 Visa for 10 years validity

No4. Can i bring my family at the time when i start business in USA?

No5. Am i eligible to buy an land or house in USA? i dont mind if it by paying full payment or loan.

No6. If i can do certain things which i am looking can you guys help me out how do i need to approch Immigration office?

No7. I have totally 2 different business and 5 stores in India which is non related to the business which i am planning to start in USA does my business help me in USA?

admin answers:

1 – To get an investor’s visa, $50,000 is not enough. To get Permanent Resident Investors EB-5 visa, you need to invest at least one million dollars, or $500,000 if your investment is to be in a targeted employment area. Http://

2 – If you are on B1/B2 tourist visa, you cannot get SSN and driver’s license. Many states are now requiring proof of legal stay in the US to get drivers license, and B1/B2 is not considered as adequate.

3 – B1/B2 are just tourist visas — you are only allowed to come to the US for at most a period of 6 months at a time, and you leave the US and can come back again. It does not allow you to work and find employment — just to either visit US for pleasure or to attend conferences or other short business related trips

4 – If you get your immigrants visa or permanent residence, you can certainly bring your family with you. If you are on B1/B2 and they have been approved for B1/B2 as well, then you can bring your family with you to the US

5 – Yes, there are foreigners who own land or houses in the US especially those who can actually pay for it without asking for a mortgage here in the US

6 – I suggest you visit the US embassy in your country and let them explain about the requirements for investors visa

7 – The consul will just look at the investment you will bring — meaning your money for investors visa. If you can come up with at least $500,000 then there will be no problems.

Otherwise try to find an employer who can help you get a work visa. Then you can start your business in the US

Talk to the US Embassy or a lawyer who is actually familiar with investor immigration to the US

Or try immigrating to Canada. They have much easier requirements for entrepreneurs and investors. Canada’s investor immigration is as tough as the US BUT their self employed and entrepreneur requirements are much more lenient

Helen asks…

How should I register? Republican or Democrat? I’m interested in a career in politics?

I am still young and confused about how I should register. Here are my views.
After you tell me what I should register as can you tell me if you would ever support me in an election.

I believe in lower taxes, I agree with a flat income tax and a flat sales tax. I also support a sales tax holiday to last thru the month of December to boost buying.
I think that lower taxes and ax breaks should be used as incentives for companies to come back to the US and so that small businesses and entrepreneurs have a fair shot. I am a believer in capitalism with some regulation (health benefits, workers comp, and work hours obviously).
I think that a good program would be a small business bond program where average Americans can lend money to government in secured loan with interests, so that that money can then be lent to small businesses but lenders would get money back with interest.
I also believe that taxes should not control behavior but instead should be used as a way to receive revenue.

On social issues. I believe that a civil union for any two consenting adults is a must but am opposed to calling it marriage because marriage is a religious ceremony. When it comes to abortion I strongly oppose it and believe that government money should not be used to fund abortions. I do believe though that it must remain legal but that people that do it should do it with their own money. I oppose GOVERNMENT funding of stem cell research and cloning.

On foreign policy. I am against entangling alliances and I believe that our military resources should be used only for self-defense (Ex. 9/11). I also have my own philosophy called “western-hemispherianism”, where I think that the US should its private sector should instead negotiate and create jobs in the western hemisphere rather than in eastern countries like China and India. Doing so would weaken our political enemies and bring an end to the immigration crisis (the biggest reason why people migrate is lack of jobs). On that note I am strongly against illegal immigration. I support raids and deportation and the construction and investment in more border security. I believe in protectionist policies (tariffs) against companies that have jobs in eastern countries.

On social security I oppose it except for helping those with disabilities and widows. I do not believe that retirees should be supported by the government but that they should rather have personal responsibility and save for the future. They should be able to use their money to invest how over they like. When it comes to welfare I believe that irresponsible parents and people who do not seek a job or an education. Welfare should be used and not abused.

On energy I believe in investing in nuclear, clean coal, geothermal, solar, natural gas, bio-fuels, and the exploitation of OUR fossil fuels. I believe in energy independence.

When it comes to health I think that workers should be able to choose to keep their own health insurance thru their jobs, purchase on their own. I also support legislation where hospitals and clinics can enlist their services in a database and where they promise to provide services to families that can prove that they have a wage of under $50,000. In exchange I would promise the hospital an annual $1 billion and clinics $4million (excludes cosmetic procedures and abortions). I support cancer research and AIDS research as well as autism research.

Finally!Education. I think that the system needs to go through some serious reform. Teacher’s abilities should be tested by their respective states. States should also make legislation to not allow cell phone access in schools. They should also make contracts with internet service providers to make sure that all schools have access to the internet and that students have their textbooks. I am also a supporter of the voucher program for students who wish to apply for alternative schools. I also wish we had a program where students who graduate college/apprenticeship for example can receive a $1500 bonus after they graduate. I also think that cities should create local workshops paid by the government where students can go to and get tutoring free of charge by college students in certain fields (mathematics,literature). This could count as work study for college students while at the same time prepping elementary and high school kids. AND OF COURSE PARENTS MUST DO THEIR PART!
sure unka dano

admin answers:

You think to much to be a democrat. Probably to much to be a Republican. You need to develop much on your views and make a choice or be an independent. Are you ok with selling your soul so to speak? Usually to really make it in office that is what you have to do. People are to lazy to really get to into your reasoning unfortunately.

Sandy asks…

Who should I vote for – please see details?

OK. So can you help me make up my mind? I’ve been watching the debates, watching experts comment on them and trying to make up my mind. I’m not good with politics, but I’ll tell you what is important to me at this time. And we all know that this time is like no other.

1. Unemployment – I need a job where I could earn enough to survive
2. Housing market – I have a house I’d like to sell at a FAIR price
3. Health care – even for poor folks, like me
4. Education – I need to be able to get a loan to do a MA, and pay my BA loan (at 6% interest!!!)
5. I do care about the elderly as well – so social security, 401 K etc. is important too
6. Women’s rights are important as well, in that I don’t want someone to do away with a woman’s right to have an abortion as I can’t help take care of all those poor orphan children when I can barely take care of myself.

As a side note. I can’t say I care about small businesses since I worked for many of them and the owners of such businesses waste money like it’s not theirs.

I mean, the last guy was a pot head golfer, and, for instance, we could no longer buy material on the company Amex because he ran it to the limit all on personal stuff. The guys before that paid themselves $3000 and $2000 per week respectively, and as a result the business went to hell. They also seem to hire people who just say what they want to hear, as opposed to be honest about the situation and help the company grow. This is the granite business, by the way, and I realize not ALL are the same, but 99% of them are.

I was talking to K-man the other day, and he said that small businesses create jobs. Sure, I can see that. While he and I talk on the phone often and sometimes respectfully disagree, I don’t know what to think about this. Yes, I want small business to create jobs, but if they don’t offer health care because they would rather spend their money on weed, golf stuff, trips, cruises, and Hawaiian shirts (I’m not kidding), I don’t think they deserve to be helped. It’s the same as AIG, the govt helps them, and they go on a luxury retreat. I mean, couldn’t they go to an Ashram in India instead to learn how to relax from the inside out? It would have been much cheaper.

So, help me out, please, and give me some good reasons on why I should vote one way or the other.

Do me a favor and leave negative stuff out. I mean, politely disagree all you want, but show me some sound reasons for your side.

Thanks ;-)

admin answers:

I’m voting for Obama based mostly on one issue – abortion. The next president will get to nominate 1, 2, or even 3 new Judges for the Supreme Court. Bush did his best to pack it with conservative justices during his term, so it already leans to the right. If McCain is president he has said he will choose far-right justices who will overturn Roe V Wade the next time it gets challenged at the national level. Although I’m a strong believer in state’s rights, I firmly disagree that abortion should be a state decision. Women need abortions in all 50 states, not just the blue ones.

McCain has a terrible record on abortion – he’s voted on every possible occasion to make it more difficult and expensive to obtain. Obama has the opposite record – he’s voted repeatedly to keep abortion legal, safe, and affordable. He’ll choose moderate/liberal judges who will restore the natural balance of the Supreme Court and uphold Roe V Wade.

Stuff I also agree with Obama on: the need for immediate alternative energy infrastructure, that the war in Iraq needs to end very soon, that Afghanistan is where the real problem is, that deregulation caused over-speculation and the bottom dropping out of the market, that we need to be able to meet with world leaders without preconditions, and that everyone in America has a right to affordable healthcare.

McCain is a good man who served his country well decades ago, but he’s past his prime, and frankly, the way he’s been acting at the debates really puts me off him. He’s condescending and quick to anger, whereas even in a very heated situation Obama never gets angry. That’s a quality I’d like my president to have – a very slow temper, a patience. Old white Republicans got our country into this bad situation in the first place, what makes anyone think they can get us out?

Edit: I’d say Obama’s record of teaching Constitutional Law for 12 years the University of Chicago ought to be pretty good preparation for a job protecting and defending the Constitution, don’t you think?

And he’s not an unknown, he’s been under intense media scrutiny for more than 2 years now.

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