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Michael asks…

My birth date is 23rd december,1963. Time morning 5.30am, place of birth: Nagpur, maharashtra, India. Born in?

My birth date is 23rd december,1963. Time morning 5.30am, place of birth: Nagpur, maharashtra, India.
Born in middle class family, my childhood was happy, if not luxurious. I had to struggle a lot from std. 4th till I completed my education in 1986 (Struggle means- school was far away, I had to walk miles & catch a bus to school, difficulty with studies, low marks & so on) My struggle continued when I started working, for some time had to work for free in initial stages. Inspite of spectacular performance, growth came much later & slower. I tried to start business in partnership with friends, but failed miserably. I left business & continued to work in small pvt ltd company.
In 2003,I went to Dubai for work. It did not last long. I worked there for 6 months but returned to India. Again, I had to struggle to find new job but met with a serious accident in which I was bed ridden for 5 months & thereafter I was unemployed for 3 months (total 8 months).Later, I got a job in my old company but this was not at all rewarding. Income was not increasing & I tried with other companies without much success.
In Nov 2006,I joined a prestigious public limited company & my income doubled.3 months later, I got an increase of another 10%.I can say this was the best period till date. This growth could not be maintained as there was economic slowdown & company was downsizing. However, I managed to survive & till date continue to work in the same company. During this period, my seniors gave me added responsibilities, but no financial growth since last 3 years.
My family life is very peaceful & happy. My wife is very intelligent, supportive, understanding & hardworking. She has been a huge source of inspiration & support. She works from home & contributes almost 40% of our family income. I have a very pretty daughter age 15.She is very intelligent, well behaved & very loving. Overall, my family life is extremely good. My relations with close relatives are also good. I have few but very dependable friends.
Today, I have a car, 2 wheeler, 3 bedroom apartment in a good locality, a steady job & happy family life. I wish I should have had all these 10 years before. My present liabilities are home loan & car loan. Assets include some plots of land here & there which may or may not appreciate in future. Financially, I am stable now but will require increase in income substantially in coming days to sustain extra expenses in terms of my daughter’s education & marriage.
Health: Me & my family enjoy a happy & very peaceful mental & physical health. There is no anxiety, negativity in our house.
I want to know why there were constant obstructions in career & financial growth. What can be done in future to avoid these. I have worked very hard in past without spectacular results. Now, I require divine intervention to put growth on fast track

admin answers:

You were born on a Monday Tithi 7th of Shukla Pakash.
Your power No is = 2+3+1+2+1+9+6+3= 36 =3+6 =9
9 = universal awareness. 9′s have an active, often spiritual concern for global health and well being. As the number 9 represents the mathematical completion of a cycle, so do 9′s represent the completion of a cycle of learning, having lived each of the other power numbers in previous lives. They are compassionate, tolerant and generous, and can be accomplished artists and thinkers. Most compatible with 1, 3, 5, 6, 8 and 22/4.

Your Uranus is in 10th House (career, reputation): You crave the freedom to utilize your diverse abilities. As such, you’ll most likely have several careers during your lifetime. Work that involves technology, psychology, art, philanthropy, spirituality, or an unconventional business will bring out your inner genius. Being self-employed would be best, unless you work for a company that allows you a great deal of freedom.

At present you are going through the mahadasha of Ketu. Ketu in your horoscope is in 2nd House in Sagittarius with sun , Mars and Mercury. Ketu in 2nd house does not allow you to earn money easily.
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Donna asks…

China fueling Sri Lanka ethnic war making it more bloody for monetary gain,India must stop China interference?

China fuels Sri Lankan war

Sri Lanka, the once self-trumpeted “island of paradise,” turned into the island of bloodshed more than a quarter-century ago. But even by its long, gory record, the bloodletting since last year is unprecedented.

The United Nations estimates that some 1,200 noncombatants are getting killed each month in a civil war that continues to evoke a muted international response even as hundreds of thousands of minority Tamils have fled their homes or remain trapped behind the front line.

With the world preoccupied by pressing challenges, President Mahinda Rajapaksa and his brother, Defense Minister Gotabhaya Rajapaksa, a naturalized U.S. citizen, press on with their brutal military campaign with impunity. The offensive bears a distinct family imprint, with another brother the president’s top adviser.

Chinese military and financial support — as in Sudan, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Uzbekistan, North Korea, Burma and elsewhere — has directly aided government excesses and human rights abuses in Sri Lanka. But with U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton publicly emphasizing that the global financial, climate and security crises are more pressing priorities for U.S. policy than China’s human rights record, which by her own department’s recent admission has “remained poor and worsened in some areas,” Beijing has little reason to stop facilitating overseas what it practices at home — repression.

Still, the more China insists that it doesn’t mix business with politics in its foreign relations, the more evidence it provides of cynically contributing to violence and repression in internally torn states. Sri Lanka is just the latest case demonstrating Beijing’s blindness to the consequences of its aggressive pursuit of strategic interests.

No sooner had the United States ended direct military aid to Sri Lanka last year over its deteriorating human rights record than China blithely stepped in to fill the breach — a breach widened by India‘s hands-off approach toward Sri Lanka since a disastrous 1987-90 peacekeeping operation in that island-nation.

Beijing began selling larger quantities of arms, and dramatically boosted its aid fivefold in the past year to almost $1 billion to emerge as Sri Lanka’s largest donor.

Chinese Jian-7 fighter jets, antiaircraft guns, JY-11 3D air surveillance radars and other supplied weapons have played a central role in the Sri Lankan military successes against the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (or “Tamil Tigers”), seeking to carve out an independent homeland for the ethnic Tamils in the island’s north and east.

Beijing even got its ally Pakistan actively involved in Sri Lanka. With Chinese encouragement, Pakistan — despite its own faltering economy and rising Islamist challenge — has boosted its annual military assistance loans to Sri Lanka to nearly $100 million while supplying Chinese-origin small arms and training Sri Lankan air force personnel in precision guided attacks.

China has become an enabler of repression in a number of developing nations as it seeks to gain access to oil and mineral resources, to market its goods and to step up investment. Still officially a communist state, its support for brutal regimes is driven by capitalist considerations. But while exploiting commercial opportunities, it also tries to make strategic inroads. Little surprise thus that China’s best friends are pariah or other states that abuse human rights.

Indeed, with its ability to provide political protection through its U.N. Security Council veto power, Beijing has signed tens of billions of dollars worth of energy and arms contracts in recent years with such problem states — from Burma and Iran to Sudan and Venezuela.

In the case of Sri Lanka, China has been particularly attracted by that country’s vantage location in the center of the Indian Ocean — a crucial international passageway for trade and oil.

Hambantota — the billion-dollar port Chinese engineers are now building on Sri Lanka’s southeast — is the latest “pearl” in China’s strategy to control vital sea-lanes of communication between the Indian and Pacific Oceans by assembling a “string of pearls” in the form of listening posts, special naval arrangements and access to ports.

China indeed has aggressively moved in recent years to build ports in the Indian Ocean rim, including in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Burma.

Besides eyeing Pakistan’s Chinese-built port-cum-naval base of Gwadar as a possible anchor for its navy, Beijing has sought naval and commercial links with the Maldives, Seychelles, Mauritius and Madagascar. However, none of the port-building projects it has bagged in recent years can match the strategic value of Hambantota, which sits astride the great trade arteries.

China’s generous military aid to Sri Lanka has tilted the military balance in favor of government forces, enabling them in recent months to unravel the de facto state the Tamil Tigers had run fo

admin answers:

China ‘s policy of helping Sri Lanka is mainly to do with Tibet and Xinyang and its own human record hence it is condoning the Sri Lankan Tamil genocide as the internal policy of Sri Lanka and is supporting it.It has a history of helping brutal states like Myanmar ,Sudan and now Sri Lanka

Mark asks…

Would you vote for a candidate who takes my stance on the issues as president?

1. Encourage job creation in the USA through grant programs to help small businesses get started and create green jobs through providing government loans with reasonable payment plans for individuals to purchase solar panels as an alternative energy source for their homes provided that the company they choose produced their products in the USA.
2. Make an attempt to reduce our prison population by offering those who are in prison for nonviolent crimes an opportunity to reduce time from their sentence through serving in the US military on the front lines during war time.
3. Reduce our prison population through expanding the use of the death penalty unto pedophiles.
4. Stop paying individuals from 3rd world countries for becoming US citizens and practicing medicine simply because they already have a medical degree from India, China, or some other 3rd world country. To me if an individual did not meet US standards of education through out their entire school careers, they have no business practicing medicine in any form in the US! 2 years of college here simply don’t cut it for me and they are being allowed to practice medicine under other doctors during that 2 year time span! It’s wrong! We should invest in ourselves first!
5. Invest in the education of our US youths, make certain all can afford to go to college and still live!
6. Work to nullify NAFTA completely! If companies choose to manufacture in 3rd world countries or in countries with out enough jobs, such as China where the average wage is 25 cents a day, our government should not be rewarding that with tax cuts and reimbursement for transportation costs! BTW, that was Bush Sr.’s baby for the uneducated, and Bush JR tweaked it even further! Yes, Clinton did sign off on it, but, he was kind of put in a position by Bush Sr as he was leaving office!
7. Work to nullify and completely do away with the Patriot Act, which created the agency of Homeland Security, which previously did not exist as it is an invasion upon Americans privacy! Though the Supreme court did rule that it is unreasonable for Americans to have an expectation of privacy on the internet and on cellular telephones, I don’t think our government should have machines screening every persons internet activities and targeting those they deem a threat with or with out just cause! I think that’s ridiculous, nor do I feel that individuals should be incarcerated for an indefinite amount of time with no probable cause for a crime, be them suspected terrorists or not!
8. Do away with immunity for those who hold political office who commit crimes! While yes there are means of prosecuting them now if they are impeached, I think that regardless as to whether or not they are impeached, they should be treated the same as everyone else, or perhaps even held to a higher standard while they are in office!
9. Provide fines for those who hire illegal immigrants!
10. Last but not least I would say a broadcast daily prayer for our country on television! I also would probably quote Leviticus chapter 20 verse 13 frequently on national television, and if a man also lieth with man kind as with a woman it is an abomination to God and both of them should be put to death!
11. I would have higher taxes for the wealthiest 2% of Americans.
12. I would try to make sure all Americans could afford health care
13. I would hold those that practice health care to a higher accountability standard as well. Especially those who care for our veterans.
14. I would allow off shore drilling, however, I would require more safety requirements for the oil companies who drill offshore than what BP had in place and I would hold those who have oil leaks accountable to the American people for damage they cause to the environment!

See I’m not a democrat or republican, I think both parties are corrupt, but if we could find a politician that brings the best from both parties, I would vote for them. How about you, would you vote for a politician that holds my views?

admin answers:

I think you have some good points, but you have some points I do not favor.
First we do not need to spend public money on grants for businesses. People who have a business plan should have incentives, like the opportunity to borrow, to succeed or fail. They need to have a break in taxes, and perhaps some credits for employing people and for a few other items.

Prisoners, non-violent crimes to serve in the military? Being in the military is an honorable service, I am not sure that I would want someone in there that is forced to duty. I want to know that those in the military are there because they WANT to defend this country.

#3 might not be a bad idea, but I would have to be certain that the person was really guilty. Too many people are being accused and found guilty that were not.

#4 This country was made stronger by legal immigration, and those who are educated and bring their skills to this country are valuable assests,. I have worked with many foreign doctors and nurses and others in my profession that are indeed doing a great service to this nation.

#5 As for the youths in this country, Let them practrice the ethics of self-reliance and self-determination. Let’s praise their forbearance, courage and resiliance. Let’s promote the comprehension of an identity of competence, appreciate it’s importance, and anylyze the developmental conditions, and social institutions that promote it’s achievement.

#6 Ok, do away with NAFTA, but tax imports and not exports.

#7 I go along with much lless government intrusion without just cause.
#8 I appreciate that.
#9 Ditto.
#10 We do not need the gocvernment involved in prayer. Separation of church and state for as reason.

#11 tax cuts for ALL Americans. End class warfare now!

# 12 Interesting, what is your plan?

#13 We are over-regulated and drowning in paperwork now. When do we get time to actually treat patients? What is your plan?
#14 Drill in ANWAR and no need for further regulations that cost taxpayers millions every year.

I think you should go back to school and learn more about the government, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights.


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