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Michael asks…

Need help quickly please! Salary & benefits vs. self employment.?

I’m 45 and have an extensive professional resume & CPA license. I’m currently working as a commercial loan officer for a bank. I like what I do now.

I’ve just be offerred an opportunity to join a competing bank as a lender. From what I can tell, it is a better opportunity. I’ve also just been offerred an opportunity to join an established consulting firm to open my own consulting practice. I’d be using more of my CPA background in the consulting position and it would take me out of banking/commercial lending.

I have to make a decision this week. I need some input from seasoned professionals. I know I have the potential to make more money and be my own boss as a consultant, but I’ll lose the retirement and stock options, not to mention the other benefits, regular pay and hours. I’m not afraid to work hard and long hours to establish myself, I just need to hear from those of you who’ve had experience working for yourself. Is it really worth it and why? Thank you!!

admin answers:

It depends on your sales skills. You sound like you have a lot of technical expertise. Do you have sales and marketing skills? Do you have a solid way of getting clients? How about client retention (residual income)? If you do, and you have savings, you will most likely make money running your own firm. If not, I’d keep the job.

Mandy asks…

career help??? I will give best answer?

I am mostly interested in %. For example, a real estate agent would earn 6% commision of the house. So how much % does a COMMERCIAL loan officer get off of the client?

–and they do get a base salary. I

admin answers:

I have an online business. No base salary but 100% Commission – It rocks. Best Wishes :)

Mary asks…

Job search help?

I plan on moving to south Jersey very soon, but I’m having trouble searching for a good job. I am 23 years old and I am currently a senior in college. I have worked for my current company for 5 years doing customer service and underwriting for commercial insurance. I also worked for a mortgage company for 8 months as a loan officer. I am very open to nwe things, however. I am looking to move very soon and job searching is frustrating. I have received a couple offers, but the pay was $6 or more less than what I currently make. My currently salary is $38k. I am willing to take a small cut if needed. I have checked, and some other job search engines. I’m getting frustrated b/c all the jobs I find seem sketchy. Where can I look to find a legit job that will pay me well based on my experience? Can I post my resume for employers to contact me specifically? I am even interested in working for the government also. Please help!

admin answers:

You shouldn’t wait for a job to find you, look up the places you are willing to work at and apply through the actual company instead of at a temp. Agency. You say you want a job working with the government, apply for some jobs at the court house in the area you will be moving to.

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