Commercial Loan Interest Rates

Maria asks…

Who needs a Guaranteed Loan Offer at a Low Interest Rate?

I am Mr.Harrison A. Walker a private lender. I give out both private and commercial loans to both individuals and corporate business organisations at a low interest rate.Under my loan process, repayment can be made either monthly or yearly. I give out loan for:
Free mortgage/loan assessment.
Home Purchase Loans..
Refinance Loans..
Fixed Rates..
Adjustable Rates..
Land Development Loans..
Residential Investment Loans..
Multi-unit Loans..
Personal loans…
Business loans…
Auto loans…
If you need more details or you wish to obtain a loan from me,you can contact me via e-mail

admin answers:

I think I know who you are, your that guy on the commercial that always loses his loan to DiTech. How sad for you it must be to live in a world where everywhere you look your failures in life are prominent. I have to ask however why does one Harrison A. Walker, private lending esq, type with a distinct Asian sentence structure ? And by the way, in the time you have spent perusing this you just lost two more loans to DiTech. I suppose this will mentally take you back to the time your mom bought you a Duncan Yo Yo. You didn’t take the time to read the instructions and had no idea they operate with a string. Now remember Harrison, if your contemplating suicide, when using a razor blade it’s down the road, not across the street.

Linda asks…

A question on interest rates on loans?

25. You are applying for a car loan from a local commercial bank. Which of the following would
be LEAST likely to lower the interest rate that bank offers you?

A) The number of borrowers seeking car loans is lower this year than previous year.
B) The expected inflation rate is expected to be low.
C) You have a lower degree of risk than most of other borrowers.
D) Your car loan will be for a longer period of time than regular car loan.

admin answers:

A!!! Supply and demand low demand will cause supply to rise!!!

Jenny asks…

What is the interest rate on a used commercial vehicle purchase?

trying to buy a used cargo van. cannot find interest rates and who to get loan from.

admin answers:

I work for a commercial dealer. Used truck rates are 10-12% for good credit, late model vehicles.

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