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Jenny asks…

where can I find a commercial amortization loan Calculator? of $11,000,000 rate of 5.5% amortized for 25 years with fixed principal payments plus interest

admin answers:

Assuming you have Microsoft Excel on your computer then you can get free amortization tables that others have posted on the download section.
Go to Downloads and Trials on the tab list at the top, then click on Office Templates, and search for amortization. There are several and they will handle this for you and you can save the template and make use of it anytime.

If you dont have Excel or just dont want to do that for some reason, then advertising sites like have calculators including amortization tables on there sites you can use for free.

William asks…

how to use a financial calculator to calculated commercial loans?

admin answers:

Try these free links. Watch out for the solicitations links.


Sandra asks…

Correctly calculating a Loan Amortization Schedule?

I am attempting to accurately calculate a commercial loan amortization. Principal was $200,000 at 6.5% on a 15 year paid monthly. The bank cites it is using a 360/360 Day count convention. They calculated a monthly payment (Exclusive of taxes and insurance) of $1,751.28 which I cannot seem to replicate. I come up with a monthly payment of $1,742.22. What I am trying to do is to develop an accurate Excel spreadsheet that will calculate on a daily basis. Any one have ideas on this? All of the standard loan calculators are not accurate enough.

admin answers:

Perhaps there were fees rolled into the loan? Or PMI (which is unlikely). I can’t seem to replicate it either. If the loan was based on $201,100 the payment comes out a little closer to their proposed amount due. Definitely worth checking on with them!

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