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Steven asks…

What is a great website to find grants for small business for woman?

I have researched this and have a plan but now i just need help with the funding, I am going to start an assisted living home and was wondering if anyone knows any good grants for woman that I could apply for.

admin answers:

Register at the small business administration website:

Laura asks…

Any good FREE sites where i can create my own business website?Can it calculate database entries ala MS Excel?

I’m trying to come up with my own website for a business im trying to start up. but i have limited funding and spending on this sort of thing since i am a beginner. it’s sort of a house of ideas. but i may also use it as a branch to start selling product. i am also interested in some sort of a database function or application within the website that would automate or calculate specific functions. sort of like sports statistics . kind of how a fantasy football scorecard does. please help . thanks, 10 pts. as always for the best answer , at least one that steers me in the right direction. Clearly, i am lost.

admin answers:

Building websites is a skill but a skill that can be learned. In the resource box is a site that will give you a pdf, 5hrs of videos, weekly newsletter for free. This will show how to build a website free. You mignt consider blogging as an ave also. The second website is a membership site about that and a ton more.

Thomas asks…

starting a business how do i get funding?

I am starting an online skateboard & rollerblade skate shop where is a good place for a cheap pre made website?and how do i get funding

admin answers:

Go to the Small Business Administration website ( You could also check with a local Credit Union; both are in the business of lending.

As far as pre-made websites go, perhaps someone knowledgeable about those will answer you… I don’t know anything about that.

Good Luck!

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