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Robert asks…

Any ideas how my husband can get a free website to advertise his new business over the net?

my husband has just gone into business for himself sub contract cleaning how ever he wants to branch out more & become even more independant he’s tried advertising in the paper with little sucess. we’v e did a little bit of a pamphlet drop too with no sucess could some one please point us in the right direction what are we doing wrong?
That’s why i was thinking along the lines of w website keeping in mind funds are limited at the moment. I would really like to see him suceed at this business as he has battled alot of personal demons & this is really getting him depressed .
As he feels working for himself could be a great blessing for him & our little family Thank you guys for any positive & good information would be greatly recieved & definately put into a plan regards Sarah !!!

admin answers:

He can get free hosting at Dot Easy.


You’ll just need to pay for a domain name
which is the price of a cheap dinner :)


Mark asks…

What is the website to loan someone overseas help for their business?

There is a website I came a cross awhile back, but I forget the name. i think it was christian-funded, but it was to allow you to loan someone overseas some money to assist them with their business

admin answers: ( i don’t work for them) does micro-loans. You can give $25.

They make it seem as if your $25 goes to the woman who wants to buy a goat for milk. That is not true. They gather all the money and dole it out as they see fit.

Joseph asks…

What volume of traffic should a website have in order to get VC Funding?

I am looking to launch a site that I think could be fantastic (I guess we all have an idea!) Does anyone know the amount of traffic a website ought to have in order to get interest from a Venture Caitalist business.

admin answers:

The days of the boom where VC’s paid unbelievable amounts of cash to fund zero revenue company’s who had nothing but a web site and some traffic stats are long gone.

Watch the ‘Dragons Den’ on TV to gain an insight on what VC’s are looking for .. Essentially it’s a ‘unique product’ (with Patents) plus Turnover & Profit.

If all you have is an idea, too bad … The hard work is proving that there is a Market for your idea by actually selling something & making a Profit … VC’s may still invest in a product that has yet to make a profit but they will want >50% of your ‘company’ so they can control how the money is spend.

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