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Laura asks…

Business Idea & Funding?


I have a cracking business idea, I truly beleive it is would be very very profitable, and is something very unique, I have not seen anything like this before. I have spent a lot of time thinking about it, and have wrote out a business plan with all the details.
My only problem is funding, I have no money as it is, other than what I spend to survive and get by each day. What are my best options to achieving what I want to setup, I have no money to pay a website to find a entrepreneur for me.

I am from Scotland, and my idea would be a success in basically every country, US, UK, Australia, all of Europe etc, its not limited to one country.

Regarding funding, well the website would be first, one for each additional country, all the same setup though, then after that there would be advertising / marketing costs and a merchant account. Other than this though my idea does not involve staff costs, it could be easily run by me and someone else. Any ideas? Thanks

admin answers:

Try community futures or the business development bank.even my husband went there and they gave him lots to start a business.make sure you a have a business plan forcasting profits, costs etc. Printed up neatly to show them you are serious.

Charles asks…

How to start a business online?

I am a 15 year old and I have a potential of $3000 in funding for a business, and I would like to start one on the internet. What kind of website business should I build? What will I need to do this? Thank you!

admin answers:

You should build a website based on something you are interested in. You won’t need much money to do it. In fact it might be best for you to build a blog first. Blogs are free and you will learn a lot about search engine optimization for when you do build your website.

When you build a website you shouldn’t pay more than $10 per year on a domain name, and your web hosting cost should be around $7 per month. Don’t pay more unless you want to get ripped off.

There are several options when it comes to website creation software. If you know a little HTML, you could buy a program (I use Frontpage 2003, and Dreamweaver). If you don’t know HTML, it might be best to start off with Intuit. If you do choose intuit, don’t buy a domain name because it will be included in the package.

To sum up: You just need to build something that you are passionate about. Anything can earn money, but only if you put the required work into it.

Michael asks…

I want to open up an online lingerie business but unable to set up a website the way I want. Can anyone help?

I am trying to start an online lingerie business but have limited amount of funds at this time. I am looking for someone who can help me set up my website. If you enjoy setting up websites as a hobbie, please email me or reply to this posting. Thanks Alot.

If you have any suggestions for me about the lingerie business, please share you knowledge with me. Thanks

admin answers:

There are many things you need to consider especially when you are dealing with a “customer facing” applications like this one. You must have a clear understanding of the following before you could start thinking about havign a website:

1 – How the images will be captured and uplaod to the website. Who will take pictures and who will “enhance” those pictures, and who will actually upload those pictures to the website. Is this going to be you? How much time you cna spare for this; there might be a full-time employee required to do all this.

2 – How the content (images, desscription, prices, etc) will be updated? You should be able to add items, delete items, change prices, etc.

3 – Is there going to be online shopping cart? If yes, how it will be managed. What kind of payments you will accept, where you will ship/not ship, etc.

4 – Are you going to run any campaigns? Discounts? Promotions? How those will be managed?

5 – What kind of security measures you’ll take to protect user’s information, your application, payment information, etc. What are the levels of encryption/certifications you are going to have on your website.

After you have discussed or found solution to all of the above, it is the time to start designing the website on paper (how controls will appear on website, how the user will navigate, etc).

Best thing would be to navigate through several related websites and mark the ones you like for: 1) Images 2) Navigation 3) Multimedia (animations, flash, etc). Then start writing a document which will be for developers to describe how things will happen (Google for “Software Requirements Specifications Document”).

At this stage you might want to show how screens should look like (specially if the developers are in some foreign country where labor is cheap). Use MS-Excel to design pages for your developers. It will be amazingly simple (Hint: keep row and column height very small and mark the area which is going to be equal to user’s website resolution and work within this area).

And cheap software development is done in India, Pakistan, and rest of the third world countries or where qualified professionals dont earch much; but make sure you have enough time to deal with time differences, patience to write emails about typos and design imperfections, and committment to finish the project.

Disclosure: I am a computer professional in the US with 10+ years of experience. My development shop is in Pakistan but I am not into “outsourcing” since my developers are working with on certain self financed projects; but I can hook you up with some friends who are in the US (Minneapolis and Miami) who are running offshore software development centers in Pakistan. You can send me email at

Good luck!


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