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Charles asks…

what are my options in registering for a business online?

I am confused with sole trader, trust fund and others. whats the best option. If i choose sole trader would i be able to open a shop later on with my wife? If trust fund would i be able to add others later on? is the trust fund just family or it can be others

admin answers:

My husband is a member of an Internet marketing community called Wealthy Affiliate ($39.00 a month). It is like a school for internet marketers (including beginners).
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Laura asks…

I am a female opening a business. i dont have enough credit for regular loan options. Please help..any advice?

I have already invested over $20,000 of my own money. I have a signed lease and the my building is under going renovations right now. The business will be a dance and music school .We have come along way already and we were almost ready to open when the city hall told us that we needed additional renovations to bring our building up to code…thus the need for additional funding. Can anyone help or point me in the right direction?

admin answers:

If you have a business plan try going to a bank or small business center for a loan. You can also hold a benefit fundraiser and ask the public for help. Your benefit could be an auction, a bake sale, or a dinner party. Try to get someone to donate items to auction or food to serve. If you have a dinner party, charge a per person fee or sell tickets for the dinner.

Helen asks…

How can I gain funding to start my business?

I’ve got a business idea to run a website and sell advertising space on it to make money.

I need to gain funding in order to set it up.
Theoretically, I could manage on £100 to pay for domain names and hosting space. (I don’t want to go with free options because they look unprofessional, and the £100 is needed to cover the whole year)
The more money I gain, the better it will be for the business to take off the ground. (If I got, say £1,000 I could pay for a complete website design, and a small marketing campaign.)

I do not want to take out a loan. I’ve never liked the idea of throwing away money later for the sake of being able to have some now. Also going on the point that my business is not guaranteed to make money straight away.

I am in receipt of benefits, so personal funding is not an option (unless I wish to starve myself).

What methods can I use to gain this funding aside from asking family and friends?
Without trying to sound rude, but more in order to “get a point across”.
I am going to simply ignore anyone who tells me “get off your butt and work, then save some money in order to start up”.

The reason I am starting this whole business is because I am fed up with the amount of times I have been turned down for work for the last year.
I’ve come out of College with the equivalent of 3 A-Levels with A grades in IT, Software Development, and Computing, but not even local computer shops want to take me on as a salesperson because I “don’t have enough experience”.
Even when I enquire at local supermarkets I receive a “Sorry, we don’t have any vacancies, come back in a month.”

The reason I want to start this company is because I want to work, but haven’t been able to so far.

admin answers:

No one is going to provide funding to you for the purpose of setting up just another website trying to sell advertising. There are already millions of them on the Internet, and with very few exceptions, none of them ever make a dime, despite all the effort and investment from their owners.

Perhaps if you are lucky enough to come up with a completely new concept, such as Google, Youtube, Facebook and Twitter once did, you will have a chance, but otherwise regardless of how difficult it may seem to you, getting a job will likely be your only chance of earning money at this point in your life. And as for your education, unfortunately it really means nothing without experience. You have to start somewhere…even if it is doing something that you can’t see yourself doing right now.

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