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Sharon asks…

Do you have an ideas for keeping up with phone calls of my new business?

I am in the process of starting a one woman cleaning business. Currently I don’t have the funds to hire someone to answer my cellphone and take appointments/answer questions, while I’m out on cleaning jobs. Ideas for professionally handling this?

admin answers:

Activate voice calls on your phone, when you’re busy ur customer will leave their msgs on your phone, as and when you get time, you can hear all your business msgs and reply to them…if possible add your own msg “to send you text msgs”, so you can read msgs while working and conveniently revert to them personally….enjoy ur business

Linda asks…

If we (society/activists) can set up programs to help close gaps for girl/women in business?

wouldn’t it be fair to set up programs for boys/men wherever we are behind, mainly education I think. Women have plenty of help services like training and employment services and women‘s networks as they’re called over here which give women grants to set up a business with lower repayment plans than a bank, free advice on business ideas and so on, males are blocked from these women‘s groups btw, which is supposed to be illegal. lol

In the USA in the early 90s girls got “short change girls short change America” which was a $200m program to close gaps in subjects girls were behind, but if you do research boys were also behind girls in certain subjects too but no funds were used to target gaps where boys were behind. This is biased imo.

I’m not saying shut down women‘s/girls’ services because I know there’s a need for them but I’m seeing problems for males but women‘s groups are blocking men from these services and boys are being excluded from programs like the one for girls so it seems MRAs will need to do it for boys because feminism has no intention to help males whatsoever.

admin answers:

( shakes head )

don’t you know feminist logic?

If girls do better they must be more smart and mature but if a guy does better it has to be because sexism at work

but in all seriousness, schools shouldn’t teach in ways that fit the way girls learn so much better, programs for boys when it comes to that might be good.

Carol asks…

how do i go about getting funding for my small business in wi i cant get a loan?

im a women and my husband is native american so i qualify for a grant but need help in applying for one. the product we offer are needed in the surrounded counties and mine so market is great and demand is huge no funds to fill orders? help please!

admin answers:

Sounds like you need a “grant writer” there are templates online if you wnt to attempt it alone or you can look in your area and hire someone to write the grant for you. Maybe a small business association could help you out.

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