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Ruth asks…

Do Americans feel that their Congressmen and women are voting for big business and oil rather than for them?

Basically a congressman or woman needs funding to get elected. Without TV ads and lots of exposure, US citizens do not often take much notice of a politician. In order to get this money they need to look to big business with big money. That often means that a politician needs to look favourable in order to gain this money and will do what big business says, rather than what their votes say.

The 2010 house elections cost $1 billion. The 2010 Senate elections cost $759 million. This is the at least cost, there is a lot more than this.

Where did this money come from?

For example Maurice Hinchey, congressman for NY Lockheed Martin $1,000, American Airlines, $1,000, DCCC made 5 lots of $5,000, where did this money come from in the first place? Honeywell international $5,000.

Let’s take the winner in the North Dakato Senate race, John Hoeven, who got over $1 million from corporate sources. A guy who made minus $2,000 from Newfield Pac. He got money from all over the place, Washington, Dallas, LA, Anchorage, $1.2 million from companies like this. But he got $2 million from individuals. Some of these individuals come from places like Denver, Dallas. Workers for TRT holdings put quite a lot of money in, a Texas based oil company. The CEO put $1 million into American Crossroads that gives money to republican candidates, the workers are putting money towards candidates in other states on the other side of the country. So of this money that comes from “individuals”, a lot comes from corporations that have their own agendas too. One look at one page from the FEC pages shows us that 8 people from ND paid money (all $2,400 on this one page), one person from PA, two from OK, two from TX, two from OK, two from CA, two from AZ, two from MN and one from NY. So 14 from outside the state, 8 from the state.

All seems a little fishy to me.

“Special interests pump millions of dollars into our elections, giving them more influence over the political system than anyone. Until we fix our broken campaign finance laws, these special interests will block substantive reform, from the left and from the right, on issue after issue.”

“A victory for free speech, or a reckless capitulation to special interests with bulging wallets?

That’s the new political debate in the US, following Thursday’s ruling by the Supreme Court, which loosens restrictions on corporate spending on advertisements to endorse or oppose particular political candidates.”

admin answers:

Absolutely. And the last example you cite makes it much, much worse.

Unrestricted and untraceable funding of the election process in this country is the root of corruption. Companies don’t spend money without an expectation of return and you can bet that the candidates know where the money came from and what’s expected of them. Consider Medicare Part D, the Government can’t even negotiate prices (for the love of Mike!). How much did that cost the pharmaceutical industry and how many billions did it bring them? Add big oil, and big banking and the infection is pernicious and deep.

President Obama is right on this one.

Chris asks…

Grant’s for women trying to start their own business.?

I’m trying to open up my own retail store in my local home town. I have already got the building but having a little hard time with the funding. I was told that there are a lot of grants out there for women who own their own business. I was wondering if anyone can tell me where to start? Thank you all in advance for your help.

admin answers:

There are no commercial grants in the US. Even the non-profits would not discriminate based on gender, it is illegal in the US to do so.

If you need funding you can get a government LOAN, has information for that.

Sharon asks…

How can I get funding for a micro-credit program for women in Sierra Leone.?

Things are really kind of bad in Sierra Leone right now and most of our women are going into prostitution to make a livelihood. I want to help them to get on their feet with small-scale business or to start some farming, livestock production or something viable to help.

admin answers:

Contact either Grameen Foundation, Heifer International 800-422-0755, or any number of anti-trafficking or anti-slavery organizations online. If there isn’t a program for Sierra Leone, then start one. I know the Peace Corps sends volunteers there, because I met a woman who served there. UNICEF also has a program there.

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