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Nancy asks…

What political beliefs am I?

Government regulation on Businesses
Environmental regulation
Funding for alternative energy sources
Reform on Schooling/Education
Universal health care
The right to have guns
The right to an abortion
The right to express your religion
I approve Gay marriage
Workers’ rights
Shift in tax policies to place the burden more heavily on corporations rather than on lower and middle class households
Free education for all
Immediate removal of troops from Iraq and set a goal for Afghanistan
Backing out of NAFTA and the UN

What do you think I fit into? I’m looking for the political ideology.

admin answers:

Old canadian guy. No political beliefs. Just a young person wise beyond your years. Your party is a very small one, called Intelligent and honest. Very very small party. To honest to run for politics. Please their is no offence intended. Just a old guy who has seen it all. Since the tear 1270 your beliefs and party were guaranteed every point you made. Centuries later still no progress made. Very good question your political views will never happen even though both canada the united states and england have papers and laws that prove you correct. Ay my age i belong to the so called baby boomers, we took everything left no legacy but poor wages unaffordable housing cheap drugs. I am in smaller minority than you are. Ashamed of our generation we are not baby boomers we are the corrupt gimme generation. We have destroyed so many lives and families it is impossible to count. Stay with your beliefs do not change. Please the proff is in the pudding. Your political party honesty we took that from you. My sincere apology

Mary asks…

what is the number 1 reason yahoo answer participants won’t have medicare retirement benefits when they turn65

Did you know that big business nursing homes with the rehab centers are sucking our medicare funds dry.Since when do people with pacemakers and pneumonia need rehab after hospitalization.You need to write your U.S. congressman and tell them to decrease funding to these money hungry facilities.Express your opininon to your doc.The can’t survive if docs stop sending them all those unecessary admissions.Sure the total hips and knees and broken hips need therapy but not every frigging person who goes to the hospital.I am a nurse Take my word for it

admin answers:

I’m not a nurse and you see it first hand. Your concern is legitimate. What I don’t agree with is the second persons comment about getting a brain – there is actually life outside the USA. What all people need to understand is your life, my life, has concerns that involve where we live. We might care about what happens in other places in the world but we can’t live our lives totally removed from where we are day to day. I think you have a life and have the right to voice your opinion. It is now something i am curious about and will look into.

Laura asks…

Ebay selling and PayPal?

Info about PayPal:
** Personal accounts may not receive payments funded by credit card, debit card or Buyer Credit for eBay or eBay Express transactions without upgrading to Premier or Business accounts.
Receive payments funded by Credit Card, Debit Card or Buyer Credit 4.9% + $0.30 USD (limit of 5 transactions per 12 month period)**
4.9% plus $0.30 USD for card payments received using PayPal on Skype
–So, what exactly does this mean? Is there a way to not get charged? Do people buying on Ebay know they can’t do this or do I need to tell them I only have a personal account? Any info. is greatly appreciated!
should I have a personal account or a premier account for paypal? Which one is better for a casual buyer and seller?

admin answers:

There really is no way not to get charged, except don’t accept paypal. If you change your auctions to only accept check or money order then you will not be charged anything to accept the payments.. The other option is trying to convince all of your buyers that you do not accept credit cards. That is nearly impossible to do.

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