Your Questions About Small Business Loans With Bad Credit

Joseph asks…

I want a loan to make money. Small business loans/credit cards for ppl with bad credit? Exponential growth?

My house was robbed and all my jewellery and money stolen a couple of years ago.
I was about to run a small home business with the money and assets i had saved doing security work.
As I didnt have insurance, I got into debt and had to move so I didnt get hit again.
Now I have bad credit, is there anyway I can get a loan with bad credit???
I only need a small credit card to help me juggle things.
I am now trying to run a business again, but dont nearly have the start or the credit ratings as i previously did,
I am still a student and was hoping to run a business in my part-time.
I am still making about 50-100% profit per month turnover from my money and business.
With this type of turnover even a small loan of 1-2k would grow my business exponentially.
Even 10-20% p.a would be nothing for me to juggle around.
I know it takes money to make money but I cant seem to get over that 1k-2k hill to start my business growing exponentially.
Any tips other than saving or selling my assets?

admin answers:

This what people do not get, PROTECT YOUR CREDIT RATING because it will haunt you for years to come.

In your case you need a card so you can “juggle” things, what does that mean? So you can run it to the limit and get into more trouble with credit.

If you haven’t the money YET to start up your own business you go out and work for someone else until you do have some money and then if you reallllllly, realllllly want it bad enough get another job and save money.

Good luck but depend on your own work to get you going NOT credit cards.

What the heck is wrong with saving? Oh I know the I want it NOW attitude.

Donna asks…

Any legitimate small business loans for bad credit with no upfront fees?

admin answers:

When a person starts a business they are expected to bring to the table a good amount of money of their own to prove that they understand finances and have good credit and are willing and ready to repay any loan they get. They present their five-year small business plan and the loanor will check your credit. I’d say you need to find an employer to hire you so that you can build up that nestegg.

Maria asks…

Need small business bad credit loan….no collateral…anyone??

I am in need of a small business loan to help with start up. I am just looking for $10000. This would help with lease securement and cash. I think I will have someone to help with the larger and more long term financing needs, but I am in need of a small loan quick. I don’t want to lose my lease prospect. I can submit to you a business plan. I am willing to pay a higher interest rate due to my personal credit. I just need someone to believe in my venture other than me, and for someone to overlook my credit and past personal mistakes and to believe in my future. I thank anyone who takes the time to answer my request.

admin answers:

Really felt for you cos i’ve been in your shoe before i eventually got loan to start my loan business ten years ago, just brought back old memories contact us at and atteniton mrs. Moore so that your applicable can be treated personally by me for fast approval

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