Your Questions About Small Business Loans With Bad Credit

Michael asks…

How do i get money to finance my small business with bad credit??? My credit is bad from my younger years and?

I have been workig like hell to repair it. No matter how many bills I pay off of my credit report my rating stays low. How do i get a small business loan or financing in this situation?

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Mark asks…

I have really really bad credit and i need a small business loan ?

is there any website that are legit and i can get a small business loan with really really bad credit and kinda fast too i need about 20,000 dollars please help plz

admin answers:

DO NOT listen to the two guys above me offering you loans. It’s a damn scam. Tey will send you an application form and ask you for the processing fee, usually around 100$. And then it’s good bye sucker. DO NOT fall for it.

OK, As for your question. I don’t think you got a chance.
Having said that, many times, what you lack in finances, you can compensate for by hard work. I’m not just telling you some hokey philosophical stuff. I have done it myself.

Cut down on all your expenses, save up money, have a vision, work hard. You’ll make it

Carol asks…

I am looking for a small Business loan but have bad credit. Any suggestions?

I would like an unsecured small business loan but with bad credit I am ruining into problems.

admin answers:

Any lender will require a business plan that shows that you can pay the loan back. Go to for instructions on how to write a business plan.

Go to and arrange for a free meeting with a SCORE counselor. They will guide you through the process.

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