Your Questions About Small Business Loans With Bad Credit

David asks…

Finding a Business Loans with Bad Credit?

What is the best way to find a small business loan with bad credit in St Louis, I need 12k and also I got a business plan I just need help to find a place in St. Louis or anyone else who can help me get a loans.

admin answers:

I just answered a question exactly like yours. Really tough to get a business loan with bad credit. What worked for me was a cash advance through Merchant Capital Options. You usually get screwed with cash advances, but Merchant Capital Options worked out great as they only take out money from your electronic sales receipts as you get paid. I borrowed about 5k and it helped me pay a bunch of time sensitive bills and because they only got paid back as I got paid it was pretty much hassle free.

Mandy asks…

How do I take out a small business loan with bad credit?

Hello. If I have a really good idea for a business but have poor credit. Are there any institutions at all that will grant me a loan if I take out money under a corporation and not under my own name? I consulted a banker about this and he said that Banks will still look at my credit rating. I thought that a corporation was supposed to be a separate legal entity? What gives?

admin answers:

If you start a corporation, hire someone else as the officers of the corporation so your credit rating will not come into play.

Daniel asks…

Are there any small business loans for people with bad credit?

admin answers:

Hello,We can offer you the business loan that you require,all you have to do is tell us how much you really want then e can help you out no matter your credit level.

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