Your Questions About Small Business Loans For Minority Women

Helen asks…

how do I get a government small business loan?

i am a single female. i am a minority. i am very young, i currently do not have a job, but i own my home 100%.

because i am not working i want to open up my own small business.

i keep hearing about how their are government small business loan for minority women.

how do i find more information about one, and how do i get one?

is it better if i get a government loan, or just try to get a home equity loan from a bank even though i am not working?

admin answers:

Some of the richest and most successful business people I see running around London are 20 year old internet entrepreneurs – while the bankers all turn grey and loose their jobs – times are changing don’t let age hold u back.

Who ever you approach for the loan you need a business case or to be able to prove you have a profitable business model.

If it is a start up they will normally want to see you put in an equal amount of money to show commitment.

The bank or government won’t lend if they are not convinced or think they will get their money back.

If you have time on your hands I’d suggest an internet business or something that can be done with very little set up costs.

Charles asks…

where can I find info for a women to start a small business in the New Orleans ares?

I’m a Latin woman, I want to open a restaurant in New Orleans where I can find info, for small business loan o a grant for minority?

admin answers:

Go to the city of New Orleans. Where the council is located. Probably have building permits etc in that building. They would be able to help you . ,Or direct you in the right direction, You might also want to check with city services, they usually have a number , just for the specific area
Good Luck

Sandy asks…

In Chicago, Alderman wants to make “LGBT Owned Business Enterprise” a minority category. How do you prove it?

I’m queer… But I don’t want to make it public “Officially” but it got me thinking…

If he makes LGBT a form of Minority Certification for small business ownership… How on earth would you prove that you qualify for the certification?

He specifically included “Bisexual” in the list and my father and I were joking about how if it means getting Minority Contracting and Small Business Loan help, he and his business partner would be more than willing to make out down at the alderman’s office for the certification!

For Black or Latino or Woman owned business enterprises… It is OBVIOUS… You are dark skinned or have a vagina etc… But how on earth do you get ‘certified’ as gay?

Everyone I have brought this up with just keeps making jokes about taking it up the tukus by the alderman but I’m serious… How the hell do you “Prove” you are gay, lesbian, bisexual, or even transgender?
No, I’m sorry, I think you misunderstood me…

This isn’t about entering in to a partnership… It is about getting a businessMinority Status” which gives you a LOT more business opportunities because each major corpoartion that does contracting needs a minimum number of minority contractors…

When you have minority business enterprise status, people THROW contracts at you…

This is the equivalent of a “Woman Owned Business Enterprise” or “Black Owned Business Enterprise” etc.

admin answers:

Edit: I didn’t misunderstand you; I answered one of your questions. “But how on earth do you get ‘certified’ as gay?” or “how do you know they’re gay?”If you have the closest thing to gay marriage possible with a same sex partner, I’m gonna have to say you’re gay.

It’s an entirely different question if we “should” do this, but I answered how to identify if someone is gay through certification so you “can” do it.

This kind of partnership = you’re gay = you can have this minority business ownership status.

Again, if we should is a different issue. I did, however, tell you how to “certify” someone is gay.

Original Answer:
Have a “business partnership” as detailed below, that’s a pretty foolproof way to do it. Register with the secretary of state via a false incorporation partnership.

I’ve seen “business partnerships” entered into by gay couples in states where marriage is prohibited to them. It’s an interesting legal endrun around this problem. Not perfect but the best I can do for now.

Essentially we set it up so they are registered as a business partnership. The partnership owns their home; they own the partnership. Survivorship benefits are backdoored in because when one partner dies, the house is still owned by the partnership. The only remaining partner is… The owner of the house.

PoA (Power of Attorney) and other health care documents are available to give hospital visitation/decision making.

The equivalent of alimony can be set in via breach of contract clauses as liquidated damages specific to unfaithfulness, etc. This is the riskiest part though.

From a policy standpoint: gays shouldn’t have to pay to outsmart the legal system, it should allow them to get married. It’s open to debate if we “should” do this, but we certainly can. Just takes a little legal creativity and about $. $600. Sec of State incorporation fee + lawyer’s time. Many marriages cost more than that anyhow.

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