Your Questions About Small Business Financing Program

Robert asks…

Canada small business financing program?

I’m looking for information on applying for Canada small business financing. Would I go into a financial institution to apply for this sort of loan. Do I need to bring my business plan with me. Does it matter if I don’t have good credit? Any information would be appreciated!!!

I’m looking to open a small fish and chip take out restaurant in Ontario. I would only need about $5000 to get started. Some kitchen equipment needs replacing/brought up to code.

admin answers:

You should bring it
It matters if you have good credit

Sandra asks…

What is the best, reasonably priced computer program to assit in the finances of running a small business?

I have a small business and have been using Excel spreadsheets, but I really want to buy a computer program to help me out. Basically, I want a program that can help me track sales, see my cash-flow, prepare tax forms, etc. I really don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars. Any suggestions?

admin answers:

Quicken. I think you need to go to a store and check out what’s available but they’re not expensive.

Sandy asks…

Is there any programs that help you get small business grants without making you pay?

I want to start a tow truck and a pick and pull business – and I am looking to see if anyone can tell me who I should call or to to help with small business financing.

admin answers:

Grants do not exist. Try a bank loan.

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