Your Questions About Sbarro Pizza

Jenny asks…

Did Sbarro’s pizza really begin as a front for drug running?

I heard cocaine was hidden under its pizzas for delivery, but when they figured out the pizza was even more profitable, they gave up the drug running.

admin answers:

I hope not, I eat there all the time…no wonder I am so strung out whenever I go to the mall!

Daniel asks…


I want Sbarro pizza but I don’t want to eat it there.
Could I get it to go?
thanks I will give you 10 pts tomorrow…

admin answers:

State & federal law says you must eat it on the premises, If you don’t you are in violation of safety, health, OSHA, INS, Department of Homeland Security & Center for Infectious Diseases laws & regulations and subject to prosecution to the full extent of the law !!!

Susan asks…

How large is a Sbarro pizza pie?

admin answers:

A real sbarro pie is approx fourteen feet long with the ends turned up about eight inches

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