Your Questions About Sba Loans

Lizzie asks…

How do SBA loans differ from standard commercial loans?

admin answers:

SBA loans are “backed” by the government. They guarantee to cover X amount of the loan if you default on it. Because of this, lenders will offer you lower rates, in theory. That is about the ONLY difference.

Paul asks…

Are there any banks that are known for being more lenient towards SBA loans for people with poor credit?

I’m looking for a business loan and I don’t have stellar credit so I’m wondering if there are any banks that are for people that have less than perfect credit.

admin answers: – try this service to boost you credit score before getting loan. After credit repair you can get the loan with minimal interest rate.

Sandra asks…

SBA Loans for franchise with little collateral?

i am looking for sba financing to start a new franchise. i need $250k, i have $100k liquid and net worth of $160k (remaining is 401k). i’m looking for a lender that will pre-qual me for remaining loan balance to move forward with franchise process. any ideas on lenders that will provide financing with little collateral? thanks in advance

admin answers:

SBA loan info:

First you’ll have to try to get the loan on your own. Normally when you buy a franchise they make loan arrangements with you.

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