Your Questions About Loans For Small Businesses

Ken asks…

Small businesses need loans to make payroll?

Every business I’ve worked for operated on a profit and spread out payments. They PLANNED their money out. One of the reasons for this “bailout” is to support the money market funds for short term loans to small businesses for payroll and such.

What is the real problem here? That there is no liquidity or that we are nation that relies on credit and not earnings?

admin answers:

Credit not earnings appear to be it exactly.

I wish McCain would have chosen you for VP as you seem miles ahead of Palin.

Or at least who ever wins should appoint you to a cabinet position.

Sharon asks…

Where can I find information on small business loans that the govnmt is passing to help small businesses?

I own a small business and plan to focus more time and effort on establishing it after completing a small project that I currently have going on. What are the stipulations/guidelines for this and the limits on how much i can borrow?

admin answers:

Visit the Small Business Administration’s website ( for more details about how to qualify. The government has many programs already available, but about 6 weeks ago made some modifications to existing SBA loan programs (HR 5297 was passed and signed into law).

For more information, please visit my company website (below) or check out our YouTube channel (

Helen asks…

Should banks that got bailout money be required to give more loans to small businesses like Obama said?

AP(today): “These are the very taxpayers that stood by America’s banks in a crisis, and now it’s time for our banks to stand by creditworthy small businesses and make the loans they need to open their doors, grow their operations, and create new jobs.”-Obama

admin answers:

Yes, I think the banks should help small businesses. I agree 100 percent with what Obama is saying. The Federal government bailed them out, now it is their turn to help small businesses.

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