Your Questions About Loans For Small Businesses Uk

Laura asks…

Does anyone know anywhere that does emergency or easy to get business loans ?

We are a small business in the UK and due to a client paying late we are really in the lurch and need a small loan to cover us for a few days ? Does anyone know where that could help or do a loan thats fairly easy to get ?

admin answers:

It’s actually harder to get a business loan than a personal one. Your best bet would be to speak to your bank about a temporary overdraft (or increase to your existing one if you have one). You would need to be sure that it really was only for the time you state though as, if your customer doesn’t pay up when they say they will your bank will not be happy and you’ll be facing charges.

That’s about the only choice really unless you make a temporary loan to the business yourself if it’s an amount you can afford.

Maria asks…

Loan for small business startup in UK?

do government provide any? and how much bank willing to give for say like small fish and chip takeaway ?
im actually doing assigment for school, business plan, and my part is finance. So, yes probably later i would call the bank and pretend that im trying to do real business or ask around the local shops,gonna look like im trying to take over the world…. so, any direct answer please. approximation maybe, the average etc etc

admin answers:

Firstly the Government does not give loans for shops.
Secondly, no Bank would give anyone a loan for a small business unless they had equity ie: a house. The Bank needs equity so if you default in Bank payments they can then take your house.

Robert asks…

how to get a business loan, UK Question only?

i am 16 and I own a small business I set up from scratch when I was 14. It makes a bit of money but at the moment I have no money due to me buying a bike and being ripped off by a chinese man.

Anyway, I am looking to start a proper business which I can live off and employ people etc. I have an idea, and land etc. All I need is approximately £100,000 to £150,000 not fully worked out everything, im just getting an idea. Where can I get a loan from or this money some other way. I have no assests or money at the moment. I live with my parents who are not really willing to take out a business loan for me.
that loan house website does not look good, im looking for a safe legit way, any website that has google adverts plastered all over it like that is not going to be of any use, i may be 16 but im not stupid
wow, a loan from nicole kidman!
I AM NOT BLIND OR THICK, and what business uses a gmail email address. anyone willing to actually help me.

admin answers:

Hello, I can see why you were getting a bit frustrated with the other answers :-) You seem like a really intelligent person and well done to you for starting a business at 14!

I’m 24 and my boyfriend and I have run our business for two years now. It’s doing well but we haven’t had a bank loan yet – fortunately we run online so we don’t have the overheads of running a shop.

I think you should approach The Prince’s Trust. It was set up by Prince Charles to help young people start their own businesses. Our friend was only 18 when she approached them with her business plan and got a grant from them to buy stock and set up her business.

Here’s the website address:

It should have LOTS of info on there for you, and they’ll be more than willing to chat with you if you give them a call. They are completely legit and very helpful – we’ve used them for advice in the past. But I think they should be the first people you approach with your business plan.

GOOD LUCK! I really hope that they can help you out!

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