Your Questions About Loans For Small Businesses

Donna asks…

Why is the Republican Party against tax breaks and loans to small businesses?

Do they just want to oppose anything Obama supports, or do they only care about big business?

I see no reason to not have supported this bill except opposition for opposition’s sake.

admin answers:


Republicans want tax breaks (or the so called Bush Tax Cuts) extended for EVERYONE. Not just certain segments of the population.

But since that would mean treating everyone equally and not pigeon holing them into artificially created economic sub groups, liberals will never understand it. Why, that would mean possibly alienating the very people they wish to keep impoverished so that they will continue to vote for them.

A better question would be; Why don’t liberals want tax breaks for EVERYBODY?

Sharon asks…

When was the last time the USA gov promoted loans for small businesses?

admin answers:


Maria asks…

Are there any government loans to start small businesses for minorities?

My aunt is an asian female who wants to buy out a small business but doesn’t have enough money. Are there any special government loans for minorities to start a small business?

admin answers:

No, there are no minority loans. However, in terms of the SBA (Small Business Administration) being a minority helps, because they have a quota for loans to minorities. Since the SBA guarantees most business start-up loans, it will help with that later step. She will still need to get underwriting approval from the financial institution (bank, credit union, ETC.) first. If you go to a bank, they are also required to give a certain number of loans to minorities due to the Community Reinvestment Act.

If you contact the SBA, they’ll refer you to your local bank or credit union. They don’t deal directly with Businesses.

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