Your Questions About Loans For Small Business In India

William asks…

How banks in India can help me for starting up a small business.?

I want to start a small business in India.
I want to know the finance aspects, and how banks in India can help me in this. And what insurance cover should be taken to be in the safe side.
If the business start up cost is X, then how much should be invested from own pocket and how much should be taken from from banks as loans.

admin answers:

Normally when you do a business plan for investors they want to see that you can come up with at least 10%. As far as India goes it could be different and if it is let me know. Does the country of India have a goverment web page you can go to for general information?good luck

start here under Institutions/Organizations

Charles asks…

start a business in india?

i am interested in starting a business in india or purchasing an existing business. I dont live in India and I would like to know the process and how to go about doing it. I would also like to know if small business loans are available for foreign investors.
to answer rekhas question, the business is goind to be fitness/health related…

admin answers:

Most of the time in India running businesses don’t sell. So, it might be hard to find. If they would sell they wouldn’t be making much profit. You might want to look at the business during the business how is it doing. It is kind of hard to answer your question because i don’t know what kind of business you looking for or interested in. If i were you i would rather invest in property in India. India is growing very fast so your property might. Thats all i have for you
good luck.

Chris asks…

How to setup new business in India?

Hi i am Raju,

I am planing to setup one small scale business(Mineral Water) in Hyderabad. I want to know how much capital required and what are the formalities i have to full fill government & Non government. If i will setup this business, which is the correct place in india and what is the profits in this business.

If i will go for this business loan in indian banks. what are the formalities i have to full fill.
How do i reach this goal?

admin answers:

Count all the cost of equipments that you will need like water container, filter etc.
Get a business permit from the city hall.
The correct place to set up you business is where nobody else is selling the same product that you are selling and where clean water is needed.

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