Your Questions About Loans For Small Business In India

Ruth asks…

Where can I find Gov’t programs that give immigrant loans or grants for small business? i.e hotels and 7/11′s?

I am interested in learning how so many India folks own hotel chains.

admin answers:

They work hard! Don’t sleep too late and don’t take days off! Save their money like crazy! Some will have two jobs then work extra hours on the weekend. I know many Indian people who have done it with out a loan. There is a man who works as a cashier by day and then he works the graveyard shift driving a taxi. He literally gets about 4-5 hrs of sleep. They also pay for the business with cash. They often have extended families living with them or helping them. Brothers, sisters, cousins,etc. Put their money together and buy a business. Then they work it themselves, when the business prospers they use that money to buy more. If you don’t believe me ask for yourself! It can be done, if your willing to do the work!

Mark asks…

Regarding Business Loans?

If I want to start a small scale business and require a loan for the business which public sector bank in India is good in terms of providing me hassle free loans, repayment options etc?

Please advise..

admin answers:

Any lending company (Business ) need a collateral to ensure or guarantee their money .. And as i know ,.. Hassle free loans are just imaginary .. Or scams..

Good luck and have a great day ..

Joseph asks…

I live near new york city and want to start a small business related to fashion. Please give me some ideas?

Fahion is something I am passionate about. I am not into designing but I am soon to enroll in a fashion studies certificate program at a top college in the city. I want ideas about what I can do with a small loan and start a business at home. I need ideas as in, what do you think could be unique and could sell. I am from India and there are tons of indian designers out here as well as lots of stores selling indian clothes. I want to provide some service in fashion. Let me give you an example. I saw a lady on Apprentice who got this idea to make business bags for corporate women. Her idea was so cool. I need ideas like that. I know its something I should come up with but just trying my luck to see if someone could chip in some unique idea.

admin answers:

Doesn’t sound like a good idea, I’m sorry but it doesn’t. It’s really cutthroat in that industsy

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